A-to-Z Challenge: Quest

One challenge that I enjoy participating in is VJ Knutson’s weekly challenge. Her blog is named One Woman’s Quest II. I too feel like I’m on my own quest as I explore her topics and wonder what I may discover along my journey.

Scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

What Does this Number Mean to Me?

Last week’s challenge was on numerology which actually caught my attention last year when I suddenly started to see palindromic numerical patterns in my life such as 1221, 5225, 4224. I try not to think too hard about it, but sometimes they’re impossible to ignore especially since I notice these details in my environment quite often.

I feel like the fictional character Milo in the book, “The Phantom Tollbooth”, where he’s mining for numbers as if they are jewels buried deep in the earth. What kind of meaning can be derived from this treasure? Various authors such as parapsychologist, Kate Sebring, explore the meaning behind these patterns.

Life Path Calculator

Who would have thought a life calculator would exist as life gives so many twists and turns!? Curious by the link VJ provided on Token Rock, I input some data and here’s what it told me:

The Harmonizer
The Life Path 6 looks for ways to make harmony with everything you encounter. Whether it is art, music, or relationships, no other Life Path can make things coalesce as naturally as you can. Your magnetic personality draws people in and can lead to you being the center of attention. 
You will find that your life will revolve around your family, and friends. You have an innate ability to nurture the people around you. As the person who usually takes charge of a situation you tend to be, or are on the way to being, the head of staff. 
Don’t let your innate ability to lead go to your head, this can lead to you trying to control every situation, and that is not what being a 6 is about. Learn to balance ‘leading and nurturing’ so as to raise up the people around you, instead of ‘demanding and controlling’ which will alienate people.
Some notable Life Path 6 people you may know: John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Thomas Edison, Stephen King.

What an interesting group of individuals that share my life path! 🙂

Travelling Back in Time

This week’s challenge is on anniversary in which you can explore an date in the past. So, in the spirit of numerical patterns, I’ll think about May 5, 2005 (05-05-05). I was in high school and my Spanish teacher was teaching about Cinco de Mayo holiday. She also decided to assign a project where each student would create a dish from a recipe from a South American country. We had a delicious show-and-tell potluck presentation! I was assigned El Salvador, so I made popusas!

Photo Credit & Recipe: Blue Apron

Cinco de Mayo will be coming up in a few weeks and I will continue to think back to my teacher’s historical lesson about how this date impacted the American Civil War in the midst of the bright colorful celebration that will take place in the streets downtown.

Photo Credit: The Echo

Numbers in Pop Culture

For curiosity’s sake, I became more fascinated by TV shows and movies that explored a world behind numbers such as Numb3rs, Touch, The Imitation Game, The Man Who Knew Infinity hoping they might shed some light as to what I might be experiencing. I think I was more entertained and enlightened by the drama.

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19 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge: Quest

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  2. Numbers have fascinated me for a long time. I sometimes get into a thing where the time is triple same number when I look at the clock. Mostly it’s 222, 333, 444, or 555. For awhile it was steadily going up and I had some kind of a thought that once it hits 999 I’m done, so I did a focused wish to make it stop going up — and it did!

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  3. I confess to being a bit of a numberphile so this post rings true with me.

    Did you know people search for palindromic Prime numbers? I found this example on a website called The Prime Glossary (https://primes.utm.edu/glossary/home.php)

    I recently found a more curious example called Belphegor’s Prime, (Belphegor was one of the seven princes of Hell, who is known for tempting people with the gift of discovery and invention.)
    Spooky because it has the Number of the Beast (666) at it’s centre and is surrounded on both sides by 13 digits (10 to the power plus or minus 13 even!)

    It seems there are many primes with 666 at their ‘centre’!? the first is 16661. 😉

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