A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nonsensical Cybersecurity Haikus

Hi there! I snuck into WordPress today.

Lo and behold, the temptation to join the A to Z challenge is just too strong.

Star Trek’s The Borg echoes back, “Resistance is futile.”

Darn, I missed the sign-up this year! However, I’ll host my own private mini-challenge within this post in order to celebrate the spirit of the A to Z blogging challenge. The team’s theme this year is ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS AND THE DUALITY OF 22.

My theme will be Nonsensical Cybersecurity Haikus. It’s a reflection of the jumbled, scattered thoughts in my mind. I need to knock it all out at once.

The duality of how I feel about cybersecurity is paradoxical. There’s a part of me that is frustrated at the hackers who infiltrated my college’s databases and another part of me that is fascinated by their motivations. I’m also looking forward to an Alice in Wonderland escape adventure in November.

The fun thing is I will be using a Haiku generator that my school book club shared with me (https://www.poem-generator.org.uk/haiku) and also Canva to decorate my posts! Is it cheating a little bit? Yes, perhaps so, but I’m curious to see how it will handle the random words in my head!

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