CFFC: Things People Grow

Ten years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam to visit my grandmother and other relatives for the first time. These photos were taken in the Sapa Mountains located in the Lo Cai region. I’m also responding to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Grow First, let me introduce you to the Dao who…

Bun Baking Adventure

Today, I turned one of my dreams into a reality today by making some cinnamon raisin buns! I followed a recipe on “A Culinary Genealogy: The Woks of Life“. Cinnamon raisin buns are lightly sweet, soft, and better than cinnamon toast. They disappear quickly but this cinnamon raisin buns recipe is so easy to make….

The Raisin Buns in the Bakery

09.29.18 Dream: I was travelling with a tour group in the daytime along a cobblestone street towards our hostel. I dropped off my luggage and decided to go walk down to the bakery which I couldn’t miss. It was located in a bright, yellow bricked building. I walked inside and saw a VERY long line….