#OctPoWriMo10 – Feeling a Feathery Rainbow

If I ever had the chance to feel the feathers of a… ….Dove, will I get to touch purity? PUREPristinePurifiedEverlasting peaceVirtuous perfectionImmaculate cleanliness“calming influence on the mind” …Cardinal, will I get to touch courage? BRAVEBackboneEnterpriseDeterminationValor, Grit, Heart, BoldnessMental fortitude needs grit“tenacity, resoluteness” …Parrot, will I get to touch excitement? BUZZBrisknessEnergyEnthusiasmBuoyant exuberanceLively effervescence “animated vivacity” …Chick,…

#OctPoWriMo9 – Fiery Forest

“I see fire Burning the trees And I see fire Hollowing souls I see fire…” Ed Sheeran Crackling flames setting homes ablazeAmazon wilderness’ atmospheric hazeCollapsing lungs of Mother GaiaPraying for healing to Her own messiahStruggling to breathe in the only bloom, Constricted by a carbon monoxide plumeDestructive deforestation threatening demise Suffocating life sparking international criesBillows…

#OctPoWriMo8 – Smell of Lime Leaves

Enjoying an evening stroll with mom as the crimson sun setsSuperstitious, I intentionally step over the cracks in the sidewalksDidn’t want to tempt fate and break my mother’s backLively chatter and smiles spread throughout the neighborhood Passing a yard, we stumble upon a lime tree hanging over a fence.Delighted, mom jumps up and plucks a…

#OctPoWriMo7- Sweet Treat

Sanguine, scintillating, sassy, stylish salesgirl Salivating over savory, scrumptious, special sweets.Satisfying sensual show of soulful spirit. Daydreaming of dazzling debonair in deeply daring drama! Dynamic, dainty darling desires decadent, delicious, delightful, delectable desserts. Charmingly cheerful cultivated connoisseur Capering in a captivating cabaret chasing a chocolate cake! Celebrating confections with colorful confetti!

#OctPoWriMo6 – Periwinkle Depths

Thrashing wavesA transfixed ambledoLost in the vastness of midnight blue Nautical twilight encompassing mystery Coy shadows thrive in shades of sapphire Tranquil hues, calming faithHealing world

#OctPoWriMo5 – So Many Doors

“Zeal is a volcano, the peak of which the grass of indecisiveness does not grow.” Khalil Ghibran So many possibilities to choose fromCaught in the web of analysis paralysisWhich door will be right for me?Each one presents an insightful experienceCurious to know what’s on the other sideSeeking a cure to my indecisiveness Tick-Tock… Tick-tock…Tick-tock Can…

#OctPoWriMo4 – Electrifying Cage

SparksBranch-likeSafely lockedin Faraday’ssilver cage that shields from thousands of volts Electricity generates light showEvanescent RazzmatazzTwinklingSight LifeExcitesPowerfulSpectacularPhenomenal music lingers tonight