A-to-Z Challenge: Light

Hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend! One of nature’s most amazing natural phenomena is bio-luminescence, the ability of an organism to create its own light. Mother Nature is astounding!

Two years ago, MIT engineers embedded nano particles into a watercress plant so that it will glow in the dark for 4 hours. Various startups have created types of glowing plants with the vision that bio-luminescence will supplement or even replace electricity setting exciting trends in biotech-based lighting.

These projects have gone through their fair share of setbacks and critiques. Though one glowing plant project has shut down in 2017, I wonder if synthetic biology applications will be given another chance in the future. I feel curious enough to participate in some research projects exploring such alternative energy sources. Who knows? 🙂

Bio-luminescent Organisms

Angler Bioluminescent – Distractify
Photo Credit: Inhabitat
Photo Credit: Inhabitat
Photo Credit: Inhabitat
Bioluminescent marine bacteria
Photo Credit: Inhabitat

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20 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge: Light

  1. very cool posts. i didn’t know about the research into luminescent plants. very interesting. even if it didn’t work, maybe it’ll lead to a; more fruitful research path in an unexpected direction

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  2. After reading your post i did a bit of digging… bioluminescence is a chemical reaction involving the oxygenation of molecules called by the generic term ‘luciferins’, of which there are several different kinds, existing in both plants and animals/insects.
    As the luciferin breaks down after being oxidised and returns to a lower energy state photons of energy are given off.

    On a side track did you know scientists have created photon molecules??

    They can make individual photons form a stable combination with either one or two other photons giving Ph2 or Ph3 ‘molecules’ (which are, like a photon, massless!!)

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