Hello everyone!

My name is Sa, and I have a wild imagination yearning for more in life. I’m fascinated by many subjects which has developed into a sort of mental and physical wanderlust that ultimately leads me to experience a variety of culture shocks.

By daylight, I’m a technical writer for a cybersecurity research and development firm. By moonlight, I’m a creative writer exploring a multitude of topics via poetry, fiction, photography, crafts through an array of prompts.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and English Literature. I’m also working on a master’s program in Technology and Innovation Management. I also have fun managing a few side hustles which are quite the adventure.

Fun Facts About Me:

1) Created my own language with its own phonetic structure and syntax in the world of Alegria (No, not the shoe, though they look quite comfy!)

2) Like to work with my hands: Created a 3-D model of the Salisbury Cathedral one summer – Built a AM/FM radio from scratch – Knitted quite a few scarves and hats – Garden in a patch where I grow squash and flowers

3) Penchant for travel and adventure though I need motion sickness pills: Bonded with an ostrich while riding it in Vietnam – Spelunked in the Carlsbad caverns – Parasailed 500 feet above water – Climbed 5 steep steps of the Chichen Itza in Yucatan

4) Enjoy reading a variety of literature – Mysteries, biographies, thrillers, spiritual, business, technical manuals, fantasies, erotica, romance, dystopian

5) Two most meaningful photos that I’ve taken were a silhouette of a tree in the afternoon and a blue butterfly perched on a dead log

6) Former competitive Tetrinet PC player

This blog is more of an entertaining and fun space for me where I can play, weave tales, and share dreams. It is an outlet for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and experiences since I rarely do so in real life. Welcome to my journey and looking forward to reading your blogs!

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    • Hi Sa,

      I concur with Winnie’s statements!

      It is very nice to receive your reply and compliment at savvy101.life as follows:

      Sometimes some students already know what they want to do. Thank you for mentioning that! You have no idea how much those words mean to me. ❤

      I attempted three times to reply to your comment at savvy101.life’s article entitled “Stanford University: More Than An Academic Factory”, but for some reason, the author of the blog seems to have blocked me from commenting any further. I am at a complete loss as to why the blog owner would choose to do that.

      Here is one of my attempts, repeated here for your perusal:

      Hi theresaly520,

      You are very welcome!

      Happy mid-December to you! And may you and your family enjoy the festive season!

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  1. Hey, sweetie! I accidentally deleted your last comment on the white elephant! My hand slipped and hit it as spam and before I could cancel that it was gone! Can you resend please! I’m soooo sorry! Dang! (*covering my face with my hands*)

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  2. Hello Sa,
    I am impressed by your many achievements. Oh my, tying an ostrich is not easy and I know what I’m talking about. I recently visited an ostrich farm. I got my hair pulled, my back pecked and my bottom pinched. Hehe… These birds are descended from dinosaurs and they have not forgotten this! Looking forward to read more of you.


    • I met this ostrich on an island near Vietnam while travelling with my mom. We stared into each others eyes, and it treated me rather well. It was curious about me. I got to ride on this one! She took me around really fast kicking sand into the air! Some other bloggers shared with me their trips where the ostrich pecked them and eat their hair. Apparently, they descended from dinosaurs!

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  3. HI! I didn’t know if you were aware or not that Colin and I wrote a book called “The Odessa Chronicles” , that was why Odessa and Jaxon were in our road trip. 🙂 Sorry to repeat myself if you already were aware, but just wanted to let you know. The characters in the book have captured our hearts so we love to share about them. Dewey is also in the book and is a cat. Unfortunately he missed the trip, for he was doing his favorite activity, which is sleeping! LOL!
    Have a great day! Keep smiling! We still have some final miles to cover in our trip. I’m just waiting to see if any other ones join us!


    • Good afternoon! (From my time zone)😊 I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing! I was a little confused!☺ Now it makes sense. I was worried that I was hogging the conversation in the comments🤣. So I try to refrain from talking.


      • You are so welcome! Sorry for the confusion! Not every day that you hear about a jumping Jackalope is it! 🙂
        No worries about “hogging” the conversation! I loved your input!! There is often times where just 2 or 3 of us will chat in the comments. You jump in as often as you want in my posts I love conversing! 🙂
        If you want to know more about our book “The Odessa Chronicles” you can click on the book cover in the right hand margin of my blog.

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      • If you would like to an inside look at our book Colin has several posts on his blog of excerpts from tie book. Just click on “The Odessa Chronicles” in the right hand margin. He has his posts organized by aubject, so that will take you to the posts from the book. I really think you will enjoy the stories! They are fun and will give you a chuckle at the adventures! And laughter is alwsys good, right!

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  5. Chichen Itza – now that brings back memories! I went with the missus and she was brave enough to climb all the way up. I, on the other hand, preferred to sip a cool soda under the welcome shade of a tree, watching her climb up and down. Even though she swears she had the best view from up there, I have no regrets 😀

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