A-to-Z Challenge: Consciousness

Hello! A few days ago, I went to a personal workshop for women called “What Color is Your Cape?” (mine’s yellow like sunshine, btw 😀 ), and I encountered the quote above. Patanjali was a Hindu author, mystic, and philosopher who codified and compiled a set of yoga practices into a systematic framework called the Yoga Sutras written in 3rd Century B.C. Though their origins are quite mysterious, some claim that the content is not mysterious at all, but rather the difficulty lies in practicing them. Sutras are an aphoristic form of short, sharp, and clear statements. He understood what it meant to find the flow in each arena of your life.

According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian American psychologist, in his book “Flow: The Psychology of Happiness”, he defined 8 Characteristics of flow:

  1. Clarity – your goals and feedback are immediate
  2. Concentration – total focus in the present moment with no room for distractions
  3. Seamless Integration of Actions and Awareness – when you become what you’re doing
  4. Lose Awareness of Self – sense of self is strengthened after each flow experience
  5. Failure Becomes Inconsequential – you only learn, you can’t fail when you’re moving forward, you fail when you quit
  6. Transcend Time – speeds up or slows down
  7. Activities Become Intrinsically Rewarding – FUN! 😀
  8. You Transcend Emotions – loss of self-awareness “What are they going to think of you?”

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13 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge: Consciousness

  1. Consciousness is an area i’m exploring at the moment. Different levels and retaining consciousness while in the dreams state in particular.

    I think finding the right mix of (more) positive emotion and intellectual and analytical thought is the key. Possibly combining these with physical movement and regulated breathing such as in Yoga may produce the best results for the individual. 🙂

    (The latter does not apply so much for the conscious dreaming part! 🙂 )

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      • That’s one priority, but that basically involves you going to sleep and being in (or coming slightly out of) REM sleep.

        The other priority is to explore whether or not it is possible to meditate into separating the ‘I’ consciousness from the resting physical body and have it ‘move’ into an aethereal body, the Astral body, and Astral Project to other places/world/times and communicate with others/other beings??

        MANY claim to be able to do this!

        You can tell the difference as in lucid dreaming you are in ‘your’ body while in projection you feel yourself remove from your body and can see ‘yourself’ lying in a motionless state as you are free to move about (and can fly!)

        As you say – curious indeed! 🙂

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        • Oh! I can hardly contain my excitement! I once read a fascinating fictional book about astral projection and other non fiction accounts of near-death experiences and doctor’s explanations. Did you cover this in some of your articles related to the brain? 🙂

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          • 🙂

            I remember the concept first attracting my attention when reading a book I found in a box of books left behind in a rented house i took over for a while – i’ve since lost the book and forgotten the author’s name.
            He learned to astral project ‘at will’ after experiencing the sensation of putting his had ‘through’ the floorboards of his lounge room (without breaking them!!) after falling asleep on the couch after spending the day in a poorly ventilated room while painting it in acryllic varnish and got a little high on the fumes.

            He learned to generate the ‘Astral’ body and used it to travel both around and off the planet. (So he says, but i’ve seen others make the same claims).

            I have not yet but it will be a feature in several chapters of the Brain manual.

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            • Hm! 🙂

              The book I remembered was about a girl teaching another girl how to astral project at will as well while meditating in the desert. I have to admit- It made me want to try it too. No success tho’! 😉

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            • To some it seems to come easy, some do it with the ‘assistance’ of psychtropic stimuli but it seems that practice of long hours of meditation and the right timing, as well as a positive intention and declaration is needed for most of us, not to mention patience and focus.

              I’m wondering how many people confuse the two forms – lucid dream vs shifting conscious awareness to another ‘vehicle’ taking your’self’ out of your own physical body??

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