Flower of the Day -7.9.19

Cee’s #FOTD – Wild Daisies!

Red Delight – #Haibun

Red beauty loves sun
Crawls upon distressed trellis
Strives upward towards sky

I walk towards a home that gives me great comfort and rest. While waiting at the door, a beautiful red bloom catches my eye. The oak provides support for the flowers’ fragile vines that feels and clings onto the tree’s rough surface. Against the blue sky, the leaves glisten and the bark’s crevices enclose pockets of darkness. An assorted array of textured formations fit seamlessly together to form the trunk. The shadows in its valleys does not detract from the floral’s allure. The morning light is flattering to the red pigments in the petals. A miracle of life welcoming me to enjoy its presence… a soul blossoming in nature…

9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day -7.9.19

    • Nice to see you again Richa! I know it’s only been a few weeks, but it feels like forever to me! Thank you! I enjoy noticing all the details. It makes me slow down and enjoy life. ❤ 🙂


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