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May Flowers

Image Credit: Jill Wellington

Good morning! It’s the first of May! I’m slightly partial to this month as it’s my birthday month. Today, I’ve learned that lily of the valley and hawthorn flower are May’s birthday flowers. Aren’t they lovely?

Hawthorn Flower – Pixabay – EKK-Hagen
Lillies of the Valley – Pixabay – Mareefe

I pinned this beautiful hand painted scarf that was inspired by these two flowers.

May Silk Chiffon scarf Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn
Green pink Mauve shawl -Hedgehogs scarf -spring floral hand painted silk wrap
Etsy- Sik Intuition
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#FOTD- A Fairy’s Birthday

Frantically flying throughout the yard,
Rosina, the fairy, is about to celebrate her friend’s birthday
Surprise party within the delicate petals
Rosina finished decorating the haven
Her magical dust enhancing the fragrance
Flitting from one bloom in the middle to the next
First an orange, then a yellow, and finally a magenta
Picking up all of her friends and family members last minute
Lively conversation among the giggling females
Settling on the brilliant aster residence
All of the sudden, Kara bursted onto the luscious field
blowing magical fireworks into the air
Known as the loose cannon of the bunch
Her sillage easily recognizable from her sparks!

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