CFFC – Shadows

Theme: Shadows

Enjoying a lot of photos I took this past month. Here’s my take on shadows!

It was bizarre for me to find this lovely statue in a parking garage downtown. A blend of antiquity and urban life.
Fascinated by the trees in the Missions
Walking in a field that Knights of Columbus takes care of and all of the sudden I encounter this!
The public library has a cool backdrop of puzzle pieces that change color. I’m enjoying it!
Always enjoyed the lines in this perspective which typically inspire my abstract drawings. 🙂
Visiting St.Mark’s Episcopal Church downtown – Stained glass windows and light and dark contrast fascinates me

23 thoughts on “CFFC – Shadows

    • Wow, were you trying to create your own stained glass? Was it an elective? A friend told me of the sort of mathematics that goes into it. I was also curious about how new discoveries in mathematics might lead to modern designs in stained glass.

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      • In Berkeley there is a place that sold stained glass and they did workshops. You make your design, cut the glass, put wrapped it in copper, and then soldiered the copper together inside with lead a larger lead frame to create your stained glass picture. I would like to do some more but at home it’s difficult because I’d be afraid of setting up a workshop since I have cats. Plus I only did the one piece so I’m not sure I’d remember how. Thinks about it. It’s not that difficult. I think I’d remember how.


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