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Blue July Squares – Sonic Stop

Becky @ The Life of B is hosting the July Blue Square Adventure! Her picture of a cat mural fascinates me.

When you are on the road for roughly 5 hours, nothing looks more inviting the an iced blue slushi with no lines! My aunt used to bring us one whenever she stopped by to visit. Anyway, I really enjoyed the undisturbed lines of perspective in this photo. 🙂

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CFFC – Shadows

Theme: Shadows

Enjoying a lot of photos I took this past month. Here’s my take on shadows!

It was bizarre for me to find this lovely statue in a parking garage downtown. A blend of antiquity and urban life.
Fascinated by the trees in the Missions
Walking in a field that Knights of Columbus takes care of and all of the sudden I encounter this!
The public library has a cool backdrop of puzzle pieces that change color. I’m enjoying it!
Always enjoyed the lines in this perspective which typically inspire my abstract drawings. 🙂
Visiting St.Mark’s Episcopal Church downtown – Stained glass windows and light and dark contrast fascinates me