3 Things Challenge: PL152 – Basketball Lesson

Good morning everyone! I had such a fun day at the amusement park with my friends two days ago. A great way for me to end the summer with a bang! So, it will be my first time participating in Paula Light’s 3TC where she will give three random words for you to write about. When I saw this weeks prompt, it reminded me of a memory!

Paula Light’s 3TC – sweatpants, court, begonia

My sweatpants were soaked with perspiration from my two mile jog outside on the school track. The yard is surrounded by many houses outside the chain link fence. Some days I envy the homeowners who are watering their beautiful begonias in their front yards as I’m huffing and puffing on my runs. After our warm up, we head inside and show our instructors our game play.

Coaches peered out in the sea of girls performing sets of drills on the court studying who they want on the basketball team. I practiced my drills at home: dribbling back and forth, spinning the ball, shooting into the net, playing with neighborhood friends.

My shoes squeaked on the glistening wooden floors. I dribble the ball, and run towards the hoop. For a moment, the room is muted, and it’s just me and the net. I leap into the air, hook my left arm, and shoot the layup.

The ball skirts the edge and falls outside. Disappointed, I run towards the bleachers where the rest of my classmates were standing …

*THUD* My vision was obscured by white stars as I temporarily blacked out. I just crashed into the bleachers.

“Sa! Are you alright!” My basketball coach exclaimed with a motherly expression on her face.

Before the shot, I took my glasses off because they were falling off my face. Probably not the wisest idea. My vision and depth of perception of objects was horrible without them. 😉

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Winnie says:

    Great take on the challenge! That must have hurt, dear.


  2. Sadje says:

    Great story!


  3. Lwbut says:

    I’m HOPING this was pure fiction??? 😉

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    1. theresaly520 says:

      You could feel the bruises from all the way over there huh? Roughing it a bit too much in my youth. So many stories. 😉


  4. iScriblr says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. theresaly520 says:

      Thank you! I know that the past will always remain in the past, but these sort of throwbacks are fun to reminisce about. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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