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#Haiku- What do you see?

What do you see? – Sadje

What is that I hear?
A call to heal? Wish to grant?
For the pure at heart!

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#FOTD- Flowers for Miss Helene

Rest in peace dear Helene

Death, A Sacred Mystery…

Good evening everyone, I feel a sense of loss as I learned from bloggers, Fandango, WillowDot21, Idorun, Jordy, that Helene has passed away. She was such a beautiful spirit and author of What Do You See Weekly Challenge. I feel sad that I cannot even re-read all of her beautiful poems again. Like many others, I loved her sweet comments and thought-provoking, lovely images that so many of us responded to each week.

When I was a young girl, I read a book called, “A Begonia for Miss Applebaum”, by Paul Zindel. Two teenagers, Henry and Zelda, brought their favorite teacher a begonia and soon learned that she had cancer. Miss Applebaum taught them quite a few more life lessons before she passed. I remembered that this book was poignant, gentle, charming, and silly at times. I also remembered wondering if a teacher like Miss Applebaum would come into my life.

Miss Helene was one of those favorite teachers. I’m glad that I got to meet her here in the blogosphere. In honor of her memory, I would like to dedicate these photos of flowers that I took this past week to her. She has forever touched my heart. ❤

Cee’s #FOTD

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
Joseph Campbell

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What Do You See? – A Gift

A mountain of anticipation
builds as I speculate the special occasion
that catches my attention.

Today is an irresistible gift
and a mystery to behold
which does not belong merely to me.

To what purpose did the giver
want to express?

It is an expression of appreciation
for the relationship we share.

Shall I accept it with grace and gratitude or
should I be suspicious of the giver’s intentions?

My acceptance hinges on whether
our relationship is genuine.

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A-to-Z Challenge: Anchored

Ahoy mateys! After being inspired by many bloggers, I’ve decided to join the fun in this A-to-Z Blogging Challenge! If you’re new to my blog, I generally enjoy writing about a variety of subjects (fiction, poetry, dreams, food, nature, photography, quotes, humor, culture ) based on various prompts I discover. So, brace yourselves, I need to catch up! 😉

“Let us not remain anchored in the quicksand of a waning past, and lose the war on obliviousness, but let us listen to the bracing sounds of new horizons, grasp the enchantment of the fleeting instants and seize the cleverness of the moment. (Could time be patient?)” 

Erik Pevernagie

In lightning, I see the “enchantment of the fleeting instant“. As I listen to the roaring thunder, a “bracing sound of a new horizon” accompanies it. A few days ago, I was faced with my own lightning bolt: a decision that scared me, but it was one that could better my life if I decided to take the leap.

The failure of one of my past experiences that I had when I was a teenager was paralyzing me in the present day. “What if it happens again?” The “anchor to the tide of my past was dragging me around in its current mercilessly. The “rhythm in my chest” of my heart beat was pounding heavily. I swiftly combated this thought with a quote by former U.S. first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

I stared at my vision board that I made earlier this year hoping to find some solace and motivation. Is time patient? I don’t know. Some days, time seems to fly by so quickly. Other days, it’s slow as molasses. My urgent lightning bolt seemed to slow down for me as I worked through my thoughts.

After a few moments of silence, I said farewell to the feelings I had as a teenager during those early experiences and seized the “cleverness of the moment” at hand. I decided to go for it! Did I just become a daredevil? 😉

“The measure of a man is not in how he gets knocked to the mat, it is in how he gets up.”

Jeph Loeb

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#Haibun – A Bishop’s Walk

“My hair may turn white as frost before I return from those fabled places – or maybe I won’t return at all.”, ” … I felt three thousand miles rushing through my heart, the whole world only a dream.

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), Narrow Road to the Interior 

Take a lonely path
Beyond the arch, his refuge
The grand post brings hope

The bishop’s robes glide across the cobbled stones dragging a layer of snow as he leisurely walks across the courtyard. He takes enjoyment in basking in the simple pleasures of the oil lamps’ warm glow that give the cathedral an inviting presence during a cold winter evening. He just got back from a prayerful hike in the mountains behind the cathedral, one of his favorite, pleasurable avocations. He can’t wait to perform a few hymns on the organ listening to the melodies echo in the ideal room acoustics of the main hall before he leaves for his journey in the deep north. It helps keep him young at heart despite all the white hair brought about from the hardships he has faced this past year.

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Bishop’s classic song to Jean Valjean in movie “Les Miserables”
Britain’s boy band “Collabro” sings brilliantly!
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Wintry Virtual Reality

Photo Credit: KUKASMUU.COM

My friend knew that I was intent
on exploring a stimulating new hobby
so she gave me a gift of virtual reality for Christmas
and helped me strap on the goggles over my eyes.

Anticipating a special adventure,
I wake up in a red telephone booth
which transported me into a kind
of magical wintry masterpiece
in the snowfall of my mind.

I was taken aback by a set
of yellow eyes staring back at me
through the foggy window
with its brilliant iridescent fur
coruscating against the snow.

I suddenly remembered that
the game maker added a nice feature
where this mythical canine
will serve as a sapient cynosure
for the rest of my journey.

The quest involved finding a golden tree
in a labyrinth made of holly bushes
guarded by the Ice Queen
who spoke in riddles and resided
in a sacred temple outside the entrance.

Grateful for my linguistics background,
I felt like it would be fun
to have some tea and chat with the queen,
but little did I know of what I 
was going to encounter in this reality.

In response to… a lot of words and phrases this past week! Thank you for your inspiration! 🙂

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#Haibun – Magical Melody

Melodies echo in space
Notes grant excursion

Losing track of time, a curious virtuoso reinvigorates an abandoned piano which longs to captivate the world once again. Its strings are vibrating with excitement. Dancing dust of hypnotic lights celebrate the instrument’s rebirth. His gnarled audience, on the other hand, is unaccustomed to such brilliance and attempts to recoil back into the darkness, but is bounded by its vines and roots. As the story is woven, the river encompasses the euphony, flows beyond the pages, and travels into the midnight air.

Cool night embraces
Inspiration left intact
Piece mesmerizes

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#Poetic Short Story- Grand Performance

a single light
in the empty sky,
agreed that it was
Mother Nature’s
cue to flourish.

Her sultry figure illuminated
once Dawn’s sun rays rose above
the curtain of shadows
in the forest that lies beyond
the horizon.

In the spotlight,
Mother Nature bloomed as she gave
the finest performance of her life
charming her lovely floral audience
that is basking in her ravishing presence.

Her singsong voice
echoes throughout the fields
that seem to stretch
for miles and miles.

“When your nights are cold
and filled with misery,
look inside your heart.”

“Realize that I’m here
to give you my sympathy
and my love belongs to you.”

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#Double Etheree – Payback Time


Payback Time

failed potion
outside her tree
Crazed incantation
Setting fire ablaze
About to taste sweet revenge
on the fling who betrayed her trust
He unlocked her chest and stole her things
Freely broke her heart into smithereens
Her pet owl’s eyes are gaping in concern
Tree spirits are materializing
Raven hair dancing in delight
Caged monster stares at the pot
Gripping tightly, he gulps
The goblet of blood
is within reach
Magic books

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