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#Haibun-Frozen- Tell The Story

One kind word can warm three winter months.

Japanese proverb

Hello everyone! “Tell The Story Challenge” is a tag created by Eclectic Contrarian where the tagger gives his/her nominees a picture to write a tale, story, or poem about it. I’ve been tagged by Rory @ A Guy Called Bloke and K-9 Doodlepip! His funny story is called Box Dancing – The Misunderstanding. I wrote a poem in response to Rory’s image below:


Harsh winds of winter-
Her precious vitality
hangs on by a thread

Her vibrant red hues once captivated onlookers but now, she fades into lighter shades of coral as melancholy overwhelms her. She mourns the loss of her friends who grew up with her in the fields. Her tears turn to ice. She is frozen in the moment. Her spirit resigns as the frost takes over her petals. Her head droops as she falls into a deep slumber. The ground attempts to nourish her during this time.

The sun wonders what it would take to solve this conundrum. The sun tries to cheer her up. The sun’s rays tickled the flower. The hairs on her head and stem raise only slightly. Darn, a futile attempt! Onerous though the flower’s life may be, spring is around the corner. Soon, she will see her perennial friends again!

takes delicate loving care-
A new dawn awaits

Also in response to:

  • Colleen Tanka Tuesday #119: #Synonyms Only – attract and mystery
  • FOWC with Fandango: Onerous
  • A friend’s message in regards to mental illness awareness below:

I suffer from anxiety and depression I am not ashamed of it anymore and it’s not nice. People don’t believe me when I tell them because I am always happy and laughing round them and try to make others laugh. At times I do struggle. I can be hard to live with or to be around when I get this way and I know it.

I try my best to control it and most of the time I succeed. I manage to get on top of it and control thing’s but at times I break. So if you see me and I am quiet or don’t speak, I’m not upset with you nor have you upset me, I also do not mean to be rude, I may just need a minute to myself or a hug.

So please if you are my friend just bare with me. It’s ok to not be ok, tell someone you’re not ok. It’s ok. Everyone says: “If you need anything, don’t hesitate, I’ll be there for you”… So I’m going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, I wish my friends that you will put this on your wall.
You just have to copy (not share)!!! I want to know who I can count on… And I’m sure it will be less than 25. Write “done” in comments when you do!

It’s Mental Illness Awareness month –
This is for all the people I know suffering too,
Keep strong!


I will nominate: Helene @ Willow Poetry, Christine @ Poetry for Healing, Paul @ Parallax for the image below!

Photo Credit: An Angel’s Dream – Saphica8
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#Double Etheree – Payback Time


Payback Time

failed potion
outside her tree
Crazed incantation
Setting fire ablaze
About to taste sweet revenge
on the fling who betrayed her trust
He unlocked her chest and stole her things
Freely broke her heart into smithereens
Her pet owl’s eyes are gaping in concern
Tree spirits are materializing
Raven hair dancing in delight
Caged monster stares at the pot
Gripping tightly, he gulps
The goblet of blood
is within reach
Magic books

In response to:

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#Tanka Poem – Lady in Red

Taken in downtown San Antonio, TX

Mysterious church
Lady dressed translucent red
Haunts the vacant floors
Giggles when complimented
Stylish spirit seems flattered


In response to:

  • Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: No.106, #Tanka, #Ghost & Hollow, #Synonyms Only
  • Song of the Day: Chris DeBurgh – Lady in Red
  • Note: I took this snapshot from the fourth floor of a parking garage as I headed home for the day. I imagined that a lonely ghost lived there who just wanted her spirits to be taken care of and nurtured. Yes… it’s a little different than what usually happens in horror films! Producers will probably let me down easy and tell themselves they dodged a bullet. LOL! 🙂

    Wrote my first tanka poem during my lunch break! It has a 5/7/5/7/7 syllable format, and also uses similes, metaphors, or personification. In my interpretation 😉 , I thought of women in general and their presence and status in churches and society as a whole around the world. In some places, they are like a ghost: ignored, forgotten, fading away, or haunting people out of anger and pain. Here’s my hope that women will give themselves the chance to feel like a “Lady in Red”: gorgeous, amazing, fearless.

    Oh, and thank you for all the wonderful “Gentlemen in Red” fighting to treat women well out there!