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#FOTD- Rose Blossom & Easter Musings

#FOTD- 4-12-20– Yellow Rose

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”

SD Gordon

Happy Easter everybody! For me, it’s a lovely season commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his greatest sacrifice, his crucifixion. I loved seeing all the communities’ photos of cute bunnies, delicious meals, blooming gardens, adorable children, smiling selfies, decorative eggs, dancing, singing, beautiful spring fashions, hugs, and absolute pure joy flooding my morning!

This past Holy Week has been unlike any other. It’s been a period of reflection, finding the light within as darkness looms. Pope Francis shares, “Creativity of love can overcome isolation”. An outpouring of love from people of all backgrounds has been shared around the world despite social distancing.

Cybersecurity doesn’t take a break. Thankful for my new raise during my 6-month evaluation at work, I decided to give back by donating Doctors Without Borders as my time to volunteer has been limited. Health systems all around the world are taking a battering, and healthcare workers are working tirelessly around the clock. Thank you health heroes. Thank you supermarket employees, food service & utility workers, first responders, delivery drivers, who are also on front lines.

“May we be a people who learn to grieve deeply from within our souls and find comfort in knowing that of one thing I am perfectly sure, God’s story never ends with ashes.” – Elisabeth Elliot

Have a wonderful Easter! Enjoy the precious moments!

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#SoCS- The Toy that Rocked my World

A Delightful Blue Discovery…

My life before simple
A linear path filled with a fairly predictable routine
Then, one hot summer day…
The library presented an irresistible challenge
Itching with anticipation!
Waited for what seemed like eternity!
The mission was to read 20 books!
The reward?
A yo-yo!
The latest spinning craze
Allowing gravity to unwind the string
Lighting up the world of so many participating children
Embarking the reading journey while
“walking the dog around the world” 😉

Years later
Just when I think the yo-yo has disappeared
into the locked vault of yesteryear’s fads
My serious concentration
questioning employers at a cyber job fair
was broken!

Genuinely smiling
Filled with overwhelming nostalgia
A blue yo-yo!
Gleaming against the black tablecloth
Idaho National Laboratory
“You made my day!”
Your motto?
The energy of innovation!

The first blue thing I see this morning ❤
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#Flash Fiction – Free At Last!

Nox’s Daily Prompt
Photo Credit: Marcin Jozwiak –


Moments within sitting down
The ground absorbed her tension
brought about from her mental prison
Refocusing her energy
from the disenchantment of cynicism
to the spontaneity of curiosity
Gazing out in the endless sea ahead
Reaching for a new ideal
One that sparks a more joyous life
Basking in the healing rays of the sunset
Dreaming of the next adventure
Relishing the breeze
Enriched by tranquil surroundings
Delighting in the grains of sand
between her fingers that soothes her soul
Serenity in abundance
Unseen until now
Instinctively understanding
the momentum of
each precious moment
in the spectrum of time

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A-to-Z Challenge: Inamorato

Image Pixabay

Worthwhile Moments

A rose’s fragrance fills the air uniting the space between us
As the sun sets leaving nothing more to discuss
My inamorato’s warm kisses ignites a fire of deep desire
Filling my life with joy and making it brighter
Illuminating a connection that is passionate and sizzling
Sharing with each other all that is interesting
As I close my eyes, his fingers dance across my chest
To reach my own on an adventurous quest
Accompanied by a spicy personality I absolutely adore
A banter of witty humor helps my spirit soar
Relishing in his tender touch and gentle caresses
I appreciate his faithfulness
Mi Amor,
I feel so well cared for!

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