Flower of the Day – 10.15.18

Good morning! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Cee’s photo of her red dahlia reminds me of some tissue paper flower decorations. Here is a shot of some flowers in Vietnam! The pink yellow petals fascinated me for a few minutes after I took the shot. Have a wonderful day!

Flower of the Day- 10.12.18

Hello and good morning everyone! Cee took a beautiful, interesting snapshot of a budding dahlia. Today, I ran a few errands and wanted to share some snapshots from my day and flowers made from wood, resin, and linoleum.  Have a great day! 🙂

Flower of the Day – 10.11.18

Cee’s shots of the gladiolus have this wonderful effect of popping out of the page this morning! Here is a shot from the arboretum. Enjoy!

Flower of the Day – 10.10.18

Good morning! Cee’s lens captures another beautiful dahlia! I feel like the sun is about to rise with the various shades of pink, white, and yellow. Here is my capture for the day! They remind of hanging bells.

Flower of the Day – 10.9.18

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” ~ Helen Keller Hi! I wake up to see that I’m facing a wall of yellow this morning on Cee’s photo of beautiful mums. My mother always said that a gathering of flowers bunched up together creates an amazing effect…

Flower of the Day – 10.8.18

Hello! I had such a busy morning running errands! Viewing Cee’s tall dahlia overseeing the rest of the field reminds me of a lion standing on a cliff majestically looking beyond and taking care of its pack. (Lion King is coming to mind! 🙂 ) This is a flower taken outside the Missions, a UNESCO World Heritage…

Flower of the Day – 10.7.18

Good morning folks! I’m just mesmerized by another one of Cee’s dahlias. The image of the blooming red and yellow flower is so crisp and vibrant, I’m in love. 🙂 I just get a warm fuzzy feeling. Here are flowers on the opposite side of the color spectrum. Have a wonderful day!

Flower of the Day – 10.6.18

Good morning! Another energy boost from Cee’s photo of her dahlia! Before I head out to work today, I wanted to share rows of mums in the oriental market during the Vietnamese New Year season called Tet. (At least I think they’re mums! 😉 ) In just a few minutes from when this shot is…

Flower of the Day – 10.5.18

Good morning everyone! Seeing Cee’s bright yellow dahlia is waking me up this morning. I’d like to add to this energetic yellow photo stream with a small flower that I think many people look on as a weed during my travels. Here’s a close up shot…

Flower of the Day – 09.28.18

Got to enjoy Cee’s Peony a little early today! Oh! Before I forget, I want to share with you guys flowers from my garden. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw these flowers pop up from a VERY dead winter. I worked really hard on this garden. They just love to greet…