Wearing Bright Clothes on Tough Days

Hi – I had a series of tough days recently. 2 weeks of persistent flu symptoms. I’ve been reading blog posts related to flu, getting better, & news. Thanks, as it’s been enlightening and helpful. 🤓 Details.. another time. Nitemares.. another time.. As that might weaken me. Just want to focus on getting better. Docs…

Flower of the Day – 11.8.18

“Dark clouds become heaven’s flowers when kissed by the light.” – Rabindranath Tagore Good afternoon everyone! Enjoying the beautiful flowers while studying outside at a coffee shop this afternoon. Weather is absolutely gorgeous after several stormy days. What an intense election season! It’s refreshing to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  …

Flower of the Day – 09.23.18

Enjoyed a different angle shot of this sunflower on Flower of the Day | Cee’s Photography A rose taken from my parent’s backyard In response to #InThePink

Flower of the Day – 9.22.18

Enjoyed Cee’s brilliant flower photo: Flower of the Day | Cee’s Photography Here is one of my shots from the Arboretum in Dallas, TX