#FOTD- Flowers of the Day- 6-3-19

After experiencing a week of congestion, I can finally breathe!!! I enjoyed taking photos of these lovely flowers while jogging out on the nature trails and visiting shops.

Flower of the Day – 10.3.18

Feeling mystified by Cee’s bright red/yellow dahlia that she posted yesterday! A friend of mine took me out to eat at the IHOP this morning and I saw a bush filled with these yellow flowers. I wasn’t there too long because of all the bees competing for the flowers’ attention. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this photo is, “SUPERGIRL is SOARING this morning!” I’ll think that will be in my stash of personal memes. 😉


Infinitesimally tiny resemblance with Maurico Hunt’s drawing. I tend to see structural similarities wherever I go. 🙂

Drawing by Mauricio Hunt (Costa Rica) – Deviant Art

Flower of the Day – 10.1.18

“Beauty for some provides escape, who gain a happiness in eyeing the gorgeous buttocks of the ape or Autumn sunsets exquisitely dying. ” – Langston Hughes

children holding firecrackers outdoors
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Happy October everyone! Autumn doesn’t really feel like autumn where I live nature wise. The grass and trees are as green as ever with the weekly rain.  The moths are currently in migration season though. Poor things get caught in the car filters all the time to drivers’ discontent. What lacks a sense of autumn outside, I make up for in home decor. Candy dish is filled with candy corn. Jack-o-laterns and skeletons are smiling back at me. A beautiful fall wreath.

In regards to Langston Hughe’s quote, my roommates are excited to see “Rampage” Dwayne Johnson.
Anyway, there is a great feast of colors to soak in when you’re standing in a field of flowers like in Cee’s Photo! Here are some of daisies I found along a walk in the park.


Flower of the Day – 09.28.18

Got to enjoy Cee’s Peony a little early today! Oh! Before I forget, I want to share with you guys flowers from my garden. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw these flowers pop up from a VERY dead winter. I worked really hard on this garden. They just love to greet people especially in the morning! If flowers could talk, I think these girls would say, “It’s time to RISE and SHINE!”

Becky Winchester’s #InThePink Challenge

DSCN5369 - Copy.JPG

Flower of the Day – 09.26.18

Good morning! I’m enjoying a cup of tea while listening to the song “C’est Si Bon” by Emilie-Claire Barlow in her album Seule Ce Soir in Pandora. I learned what a rhododendron was (try saying that five times fast!) on Cee’s Photgraphy | Flower of the Day. I love the intricate patterns on the flower petals. The flourishes reminds of the general shape of the fleur de lis. Here are more of the blossoms of another shade nearby my home. Have a wonderful day!