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Fun Friday Folly – Ep 1.8

This might be funnier to a Spanish speaker, but it caught my attention!

So the other day, my coworker gives me some Mexican candy which I didn’t mind trying out. Another coworker walks into the room and looks at the wrapper and tells me that “lengua” stands for tongue in Spanish.


I immediately take the pop out of my mouth and look at it closely.

I’ve studied Spanish for five years, but some words and idioms still surprise me.I know that Mexico has some weird sweets like lollipops with scorpion and grasshoppers, but…. tongues?!

I’m envisioning cow tongues on a stick. BLEH! But…it tastes like tamarind! 🙂

I translate the part where the lollipop is talking in the word bubble, “El Atrapa Lenguas!” which means “He traps tongues!” Whoa, hang on there cowboy! “Trabalengua” means tongue twister. Maybe the concave lollipop was meant for your tongue to rest in?

Irene (My Slice of Mexico) or any other Spanish speaker out there, perhaps you can help me understand? 🙂

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Friday Follies: Ep 1.4 – Sticky Scandal

Psstt…..National Enquirer! After you’re finished dealing with the lunacy surrounding the story of Prince Charles, I got a question and a possible leading story for you! I came across this label that ensorcelled me today, and I’m dying to know what the scandal is!

All of the sudden, this gum was censored, and I’m wondering what sticky situation he’s been in to deserve such an honor! In fact, he’s wearing CENSORED as if he has just won a pageant! There’s no walk of shame here folks!

Was he playing a game of “Spin the Bottle” with his friends, and Juicy Fruit asked Rain 5 Spearmint here to spill the beans about a forbidden love tryst? All this time, I thought Spearmint was single?

He was so cool in his demeanor with us, you just thought that maybe he wasn’t amorous, you know? Underneath the icy menthol exterior layers, he actually might be a cinnamon fireball?!

Or….did Trident spearheaded the issue and dared him to share an embarrassing picture of himself getting pulverized by someone’s shoe? Perhaps, the image was too graphic for the public to see….

I’m intrigued by the mystery, and inquiring minds want to know. 😉

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