#FOTD – Holiday Bouquets

Hello! 🙂 Enjoying the view. Have a wonderful day!

#FOTD – Pretty in Pink

Imagination wanders The nurturing flower implores,“Live your life in full bloom”Its youth a compassionate delight Word of the Day: Imagination

#FOTD- A Fairy’s Birthday

Frantically flying throughout the yard, Rosina, the fairy, is about to celebrate her friend’s birthday Surprise party within the delicate petals Rosina finished decorating the haven Her magical dust enhancing the fragranceFlitting from one bloom in the middle to the nextFirst an orange, then a yellow, and finally a magentaPicking up all of her friends…

FOTD – 3.20.18 – Indian Paintbrushes

Happy Wednesday everyone! Cee’s blooming tulip is stunning! During my walks when I need a break from studies, I love the beautiful fields I encounter around this time of year. San Antonio has a breathtaking countryside filled with wild flowers. When you look at an Indian Paintbrush flower up close, it looks like a twinkling…

#Poetic Short Story- Grand Performance

Dawn, a single light in the empty sky,agreed that it was Mother Nature’s cue to flourish. Her sultry figure illuminatedonce Dawn’s sun rays rose above the curtain of shadows in the forest that lies beyondthe horizon. In the spotlight,Mother Nature bloomed as she gave the finest performance of her lifecharming her lovely floral audience that…

Flower of the Day – 10.7.18

Good morning folks! I’m just mesmerized by another one of Cee’s dahlias. The image of the blooming red and yellow flower is so crisp and vibrant, I’m in love. 🙂 I just get a warm fuzzy feeling. Here are flowers on the opposite side of the color spectrum. Have a wonderful day!