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#SoCS- Figure Skating

Linda’s #SoCS prompt – Figure
Badge Photo Credit – Shelley

Figure skating has been a joy for me to watch over the years. Seeing these athletes gracefully landing loops and pirouettes to the rhythm of their chosen music is lovely.

Image Credit: Pixabay

I love their elegance, choice in outfits, reflecting what they want to express to their audience. Balancing on ice while keeping the rest in mind!

I figure that’s what inspired me to skate. Mom bought me my first set of rollerblades from the Toys R’ Us for my birthday. Cute set too – Magenta buckles/wheels and white boots! My neighborhood friends and I would create little routines.

The fun one to practice was what we called the Figure 8. We used the indented cracks in the driveway to guide our paths. Dramatically, we held each other as we intersected paths on the infinity.

There were friendships in that neighborhood that I wanted to last for infinity. People grow and change, go off in their own directions though.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Little ducklings growing into beautiful swans. I’m reminded of a glass figurine of a swan my aunt gave me. I turn the dial and it plays a tune. Spinning around. Not knowing what direction it will face once the melody fades away.

Will the swans be united again after swimming in such different directions for so long? ⛸

Image Credit: Pixabay

Whoosh! Feeling a blast of cold air as I’m ice skating wakes me up and makes me feel alive while skating with friends. Then comes the inevitable….

*CRASH* Ahh!

My skate gets caught in someone else’s deep indentation in the ice, and I flip over and slide, stomach-flat, across the arena at an incredible speed. I’m disoriented, and everything looks like a blinding set of stars.

Yes, sometimes the cracks in life can make you more than stumble. All I can do is get up, and try again once I get my bearings straight! 😀

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Legend of Felexia: Recycling Outreach

“LEGO has essentially taken the concrete block, the building block of the world, and made it into the building block of our imagination.”

Ayah Bdeir

Good evening everyone! I have missed being here. Taking a short break from all of my duties in the world, indulge myself in a bit of storytelling, and play with some legos.

For the life of me, I’m having trouble solving these Lego riddles. 7 years ago during Lego’s 55th anniversary, the company issued 55 graphic riddles where LEGO bricks represent various characters from movies, songs, cultural or political highlights that occurred over the last 55 years. Here’s an example of one picture:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, perhaps? 🙂 Ok THIS one might have been the easiest!

Below is a story that I’ve been meaning to share in my other social media sites. However, it seems that something keeps holding me back. I’m not sure the cause for my hesitation as I’m trying to market for a recycling outreach in an imaginative way.

“The only thing 12-year-olds crave is more Lego. Lego is fun; it’s therapeutic. It’s a beautiful sensation when you click the pieces together.”

James May

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away where ingenuity reigned… 😉

…there lived a domestic cat-lady named Felexia who was fairly content. Yet, she left her beautiful, humble home in the planet of Gnivri to explore the mysteries of the unknown.

Felexia’s Home

An adventurous spirit, she decided to embark on a journey by joining a fleet of star cat cadets to her parents disapproval. With the lead lieutenant’s help, Felexia became a star pilot of the Millenium Falcon and a strong-will warrior familiar with martial arts originally acquired from various foreign lands.

Felexia treats this ship as if it’s her baby

One day after narrowly evading a dangerous asteroid belt in the alpha quadrant, they passed by the planet Earth. The Alien Relations departments of various countries reached out to them to establish lines of communication. Defensive teams were ready to strike with missiles, but were standing by waiting for the commander. India was open-minded and allowed Felexia to transport herself onsite to further discuss intentions. Felexia was about to tour the beautiful Taj Majal.

Scanning the crowd, Felexia noticed a young lady in a bit of trouble, and rescued her from a doomed fate. Indebted to Felexia, she tags along to glean from Felexia’s prowess while Felexia was equally intrigued by Sa’s human idiosyncracies.

Felexia learned that Sa was participating in a Recycle Rally alongside with the Alamo Ranch Rotary Club to help out an high school communications art teacher.

And so… Felexia whips Sa’s recycling goals and then some into shape!


“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart

FOWC – Riddle

Word of the Day Challenge: Outreach

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July Blue Squares – Cognac Label

While sitting with my family members, I took note of the various types of drinks that people were drinking. My uncle likes to do things that make him feel alive such as sky diving. He also has quite an impressive wine collection. There was one in Mexico that he got called, “Scorpion Silver Mezcal” which has real scorpion in it! My uncle seems to thrive in risky situations, and has a sophisticated palate. One product description describes it as such:

Clear. Complex, fruit fudge and smoky nose. A soft, round entry leads to a smooth medium body with delicate lemon grass, dried fruit, and spice flavors. Finishes with a long, silky, sweet, and hot spicy finish. A velvet brick.

Holiday Wine Cellar

I’m not a drinker, but I am endlessly fascinated by the label design. I like this gold embossing set on top of a royal blue background. The frame reminds me of a braided rope sailors use giving an adventurous vibe. Bold and elegant fonts juxtapose next to each other. A star-shaped compass seal at the top. Tour du Monde translates out to World Tour. This blue cognac label by Kelt looked beautiful to me. The description below seems rather fitting for its $215 price tag:

Takes a leisurely 3-month cruise around the world after blending and before bottling. Extraordinarily luxurious. Lush texture and medium body. Expansive bouquet of rich fruit and floral aromas. Palate–lavish fruit, vanilla, spice, and oak. Lingering, warm finish.

Holiday Wine Cellar

From the Kelt website, the story behind this wine is equally fascinating:

The cognac, still in Limousin oak barrels, undertakes a 3-month sea voyage around the world. The combination of movement, temperature variations, air-pressure changes and the magic of the seas produce a truly unique combination of flavours and aromas as well as producing the legendary smoothness that KELT is known for.

Celebrating the Tour du Monde and the magic of the oceans, our packaging has a marine theme centered around our unique bottle shape, based on a French navy decanter from 1740.

Kelt Cognac Brand
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A-to-Z Challenge: Inamorato

Image Pixabay

Worthwhile Moments

A rose’s fragrance fills the air uniting the space between us
As the sun sets leaving nothing more to discuss
My inamorato’s warm kisses ignites a fire of deep desire
Filling my life with joy and making it brighter
Illuminating a connection that is passionate and sizzling
Sharing with each other all that is interesting
As I close my eyes, his fingers dance across my chest
To reach my own on an adventurous quest
Accompanied by a spicy personality I absolutely adore
A banter of witty humor helps my spirit soar
Relishing in his tender touch and gentle caresses
I appreciate his faithfulness
Mi Amor,
I feel so well cared for!

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A-to-Z Challenge: Fly

Skydiving is special because it’s almost the closest to an out-of-body experience you can have.

Georgia King

When I first moved to town, I was trying to learn where everything was by visiting various major landmarks. One day, I saw this large sign on a building off the side of the highway.

I pondered what it would be like to fly around in a tank and float around like an astronaut. Haven’t gone yet, but every time I look at these pictures, I imagine what it would be like.

iFly instructors

The closest experience I have to flying is paragliding with my mom 10 years ago. We decided to look our fear of heights in the face and try out this amazing mother-daughter experience together. We gazed into each other’s faces for encouragement as the boat pulled us quickly above the ocean. There’s nothing quite like the experience of flying in the air seeing the sparkling ocean below! Mom and I were screaming with our hair whipping around in the wind, “Hey! We’re doing this!” The lush green island looked so beautiful.

As I’m recalling all of these memories, I’m feeling sleepy. Maybe, I’ll dream of flying. Good night wherever you all are! 😀

Photo by Pixabay

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Wintry Virtual Reality

Photo Credit: KUKASMUU.COM

My friend knew that I was intent
on exploring a stimulating new hobby
so she gave me a gift of virtual reality for Christmas
and helped me strap on the goggles over my eyes.

Anticipating a special adventure,
I wake up in a red telephone booth
which transported me into a kind
of magical wintry masterpiece
in the snowfall of my mind.

I was taken aback by a set
of yellow eyes staring back at me
through the foggy window
with its brilliant iridescent fur
coruscating against the snow.

I suddenly remembered that
the game maker added a nice feature
where this mythical canine
will serve as a sapient cynosure
for the rest of my journey.

The quest involved finding a golden tree
in a labyrinth made of holly bushes
guarded by the Ice Queen
who spoke in riddles and resided
in a sacred temple outside the entrance.

Grateful for my linguistics background,
I felt like it would be fun
to have some tea and chat with the queen,
but little did I know of what I 
was going to encounter in this reality.

In response to… a lot of words and phrases this past week! Thank you for your inspiration! 🙂

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Post-It: Poem to Future Self

cool chick
Tiny Bee Cards – Vinyl Stickers

A Spark in the Dark

What’s up, Slick?
You’re one cool chick

Adventures abound
You’ve broken new ground
Onlookers are spellbound

Abandon expectation
Appreciate with full sensation
Mediate your fear and trepidation
from the mine of information


Refine your essence
Define your presence
Share your influence
Wear your conscience


Believe in the hereinafter
You’re highly sought after
So take that in with laughter

Lighten a load
Give warmth in the cold

Never let yourself down
when you hit the ground

Hands willing
Mind availing
Heart fulfilling

Age gracefully
because thankfully
you have lived life abundantly

And always remember that….



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The Renowned Duo

mm1The rosy hues of dawn gradually transformed into shades of blue. The sun began to illuminate the cerulean sky that was flecked with white clouds. Eliza Corlanke took a look around the mystical St. Kateri Tekakwitha University campus as she began to set up and decorate her booth for the fall festival. She was studying for a masters in business administration at St. Kateri’s school of business and was grateful for the relaxing day. Rays of the sunrise created the sensation of luminescent leaves on the trees that graced the sidewalks. Brilliant shades of red, orange, gold, and brown nourished the campus in a warm morning glow. Playful stone angels peered down at her from the top of the buildings. Despite their empty gazes, they seemed to frolic with the cardinals and blue jays that made their homes here in Stonington, Maine. The squirrels, long-time residents of St. Kateri, were unfazed by all of the vendors setting up  their booths as they gathered acorns and nuts from the forest and chattered amongst themselves.

woman holding flower bouquet
Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on

Unlike St. Kateri’s comfortable furry residents, Eliza recently moved into town from Los Angeles, California, upon learning that her grandmother recently passed away and decided to study at St. Kateri’s, her grandmother’s alma mater. Snug in her favorite studded black leather jacket, she gently placed her pink hair behind her ears as she began to unpack the box filled with bold colored scarves, shimmering shawls, and spunky little ornaments that she crocheted throughout the year.  After she folded the scarves onto the display tables, she began to hang up her jewelry on her metal racks. Her delicate facial features hid a resolve to overcome many challenges, an unconventional, resourceful mindset, and behind her tough demeanor was a heart of gold. Eliza’s shop was popular in  the conservative town Stonington, Maine where the winters were below freezing. Many of her creations attracted many families and tourists to shop for gifts and souvenirs. The elderly stopped by after their morning walks with their dogs and bought some crocheted doilies for their paperweights and bookmarks for their friends. Teenagers stopped by after school and began to set new trends with her jewelry. She hung her ornaments on the wooden right side plank of her booth and suddenly observed her neighbors in the booth next to hers.

A man and woman were dressed in vermilion velvet robes that reached their feet. Their waists were cinched with braided golden ropes. The tassels dangled from their belts as they took out decorations for their booth. The woman’s long jet black hair swayed with the gentle morning breeze. Her stoic expression was difficult to read as she took out various crystals. She spoke a few words to the man next to her and the man surprisingly let out a hearty laugh. Her fingers combed through his tousled ginger-colored hair, and he pulled his forehead towards hers as they share an inside joke. “So, it looks like she DOES have a sense of humor!”, Eliza thought. Suddenly aware that someone was watching, the woman looked up and her green eyes locked with Eliza’s. Like a deer in headlights, Eliza dropped her crocheted fox ornament, and stopped in her tracks. Alert by his partner’s change in expression, the man looked up as well, but immediately relaxed as he was bemused by Eliza’s gawking face. He gave Eliza a friendly wave that snapped Eliza out of the locked gaze.  

The man walked over to Eliza’s booth and introduced himself, “Hello there! I’m Ciaran and this is my wife, Aileen!” His warm handshake energized Eliza’s cold hands on a cool autumn day, and his sapphire blue eyes gazed at her with curiosity. Aileen resumed her stoic expression but gave a curt wave nevertheless and followed her husband towards Eliza’s booth. Eliza was just as fascinated by this couple. Eager to continue breaking the ice in the conversation, Eliza invited Ciaran and Aileen around to display table, “Welcome to my shop, the Crimson Passerine!”

history ancient peru south america
Photo by Amanda Kerr on

Aileen suddenly inquisitive after peering at Eliza’s eclectic collection of crystal jewelry, asked Eliza the origins of the name of her shop. Eliza paused to recollect her adventures in Peru. Eliza laughed, “Well, I was hiking with a tour group in the Andean cloud forests of Peru five summers ago. I took my binoculars out to get a closer look of this bright crimson bird that looked like it had a large mullet, and asked the tour guide if he knew what the name of this bird was. Smiling at the prime opportunity, the tour guide loudly told everyone in our group, “Everyone, Eliza has just witnessed our national bird from the passerine family, the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock!” Embarrassed, I imagine my face turned into the color of my hair here as the adults in our group chuckled aloud while the teenagers and children roared with laughter. Captivated by the sight of that bird and my experiences in Peru, I decided to name my shop the Crimson Passerine to symbolize the bright new horizons I was exploring in my craft. Pardon my moment of inappropriateness, but for some reason, I think naming my shop The Crimson Cock-of-the-Rock would have been misleading and attract another sort of clientele that will be looking for products I DON’T have. “

Intently listening to Eliza’s story, Ciaran failed to suppress his laughter, gave his wife a flirtatious look, poked at his wife’s shoulder, and nudged her. Aileen’s stoicism melted away as she slowly smiled, “Well, Eliza! That’s quite a unique story you have behind the origins of the name of your business. Tell you what, for your entertaining story, why don’t I give you a complimentary fortune before the crowds arrive for the festival?” 

glass ball on brown nest
Photo by Alex CA on

Eliza was slightly puzzled and joked, “I take it you’re not going to give me a million dollar inheritance anytime soon.” Ciaran laughed again and explained, “No, my wife’s day job as a business/forecast analyst, a type of economics specialist, can be quite stressful. So, she likes to be a fortune teller on our days off and occasionally we will create a booth for fortune telling at a variety of events like this festival here. She really relishes the time to relax at venues like this. ” Eliza was somewhat relieved that Ciaran mentioned this fact of Aileen’s life. They suddenly felt more down-to-earth and approachable. Aileen beckoned Eliza to come on over to her and Ciaran’s booth.

As she pulled back the dark curtains, Eliza was momentarily transfixed by the contrasting décor. She took a seat on a soft floral chintz chair. The table separating Aileen and Eliza was covered in a blue and white chevron pattern tablecloth. On top of the table were two golden lamps on either side and a crystal ball in the center. “Okay Eliza, I sense that you’re feeling apprehensive, but I want you to take a deep breath and relax. It’s not like I’m going to prognosticate how you’re going to die or anything like that.” Ciaran stood behind his wife massaging her shoulders as they waited for two whole minutes. Eliza wished the tension in her own shoulders will disappear.

All of the sudden, Aileen’s green eyes became blank and the crystal ball featured a burning bridge, and she spoke in a monotone voice, “SHE REMEMBERS BRIDGES, BURNS THEM TO THE GROUND. RESURRECT THOSE BRIDGES WITH AN ANCIENT GLANCE. ALL THE STONES THAT ARE THROWN ARE BUILDING UP A WALL. THE BITTER TASTE IS CUMBERSOME.” Eliza looked at Ciaran who glanced at Aileen surprised by this uncharacteristic deadpan voice. Aileen regained consciousness and said, “Eliza, there’s a relationship in your life that you need to mend. There’s a way you can critique an aspect of this relationship without being completely hostile. If all goes well, this individual will soon become your business partner.”

Part 2 – A Trip Down Memory Lane


“I’d like to believe we could reconcile the past
Resurrect those bridges with an ancient glance
But my old stone face can’t seem to bring her down
She remembers bridges, burns them to the ground”
-Lyrics from Seven Mary Three’s song Cumbersome
Seven Mary Three’s Song | Cumbersome


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