Eclectic Days of My Life: Part 1

A chronicle of my recent adventures in detail for the month of February.


Beauty Products and Makeup Inventory

Hello! I’ve never paid this much attention to my makeup and various beauty products before, but I’m realizing the fact that not all makeup is created equal and would like to learn more about the origins and history of these products. Inspired by other beauty bloggers, I am doing a thorough inventory. Taking My Makeup Inventory!…

Operation A.J. #2

09.04.18 Dream: There was a competition between who got the best internship. Everywhere I turn, each company was marketing their plan, and I was always in a state of indecision. At each company, someone was always there first. These individuals got the last word, and for some reason I couldn’t speak. I woke up feeling somewhat frustrated….

Journey into the World of Makeup

I’m a complete beginner in learning how to apply makeup. I have an odd relationship with makeup. I observed my mother apply makeup as a young girl. I remember the days that I organized her makeup drawers. Occasionally, I find myself  staring at the assortment of lipsticks, foundations, powders, moisturizers, shadows, and liners, and I…