Good Karma Diet and Fun Fruits & Veggies

Good morning! Yesterday, I receive a message about my dish that made me contemplate some things…namely being a vegetarian or vegan. It’s been on and off my mind. I’ve explored a plant-based diet for sometime, but sometimes I don’t know where to begin. Though I love my veggies, I’ve grown up with meat eaters my entire life. We have had family traditions of barbecues by the lake and other hearty rich meals.

This exploration began when I read some in-depth literature in one of my classes of how pork was processed. It shocked me and left distinct visuals in my head that I couldn’t shake off. During Halloween last year, I wrote about a post about a delicacy dish, balut, I formally ate quite often as a young girl. I no longer eat it due to me overthinking about it all.

Last night, my curiosity led to Robin Robertson’s blog, Global Recipes from my Vegan Kitchen.

Good Karma eating is as simple as can be: comprise your meals of plants instead of animals, and most of the time choose unprocessed plant foods, meaning that they got from the garden or orchard or field to your kitchen with minimal corporate interference.

This way of eating gives you good karma in two ways. The first is self-explanatory: by eating foods of high nutrient density and avoiding the animal products and processed foods your body can have trouble dealing with, you’ll reap the rewards of improved health. The second is a bit more mystical: you do good and you get good back….

–Victoria Moran
To read more of the excerpt, here’s the link to Robin’s page: The Good Karma Diet

I don’t know where this exploration will take me. Veggie patties, Jack fruit meat, Tofurky. One place I know I will go is to the garden!

Funny Fruits and Veggies

In one of my gardening groups, one of the gardeners shared a funny photo of some carrots that looked like a pair of legs. I was so excited to come across the page on “Just Something: The Magazine for Visual Addicts”. They posted an article called, “20 Funny Fruits And Vegetables Looking Exactly Like Something Else“.

Image Sources:

  • Butterfly Tomato: Reddit
  • Caught in a Bad Romance: Khanh Ha
  • Coconut- Seychelles’ Coco de Mers: lazurny-sochi
  • Cutest Potato: Szeretlekmagyarorszag
  • Finger Carrot: Reddit
  • Radish Foot: m.inven
  • Geese Gourds:
  • Heart-Shaped Potatoes:
  • Hi-5 Carrot:
  • Hummingbird: Reddit/ Tumaggus
  • Lemonphant: Imgur
  • Love You Daddy: upcoming
  • Perfect Peas: imgur
  • Pinocchio Eggplant: Cloud Front
  • Run, Radish, Run!: Imgur
  • Scared Pear: SureshKanthan
  • Snake: lovecarrots
  • Strawberry Flower: Wikimedia
  • Strawberry Thumbs Up: proxy11
  • Hot Yellow Lemon Pepper: imgur

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