#OctPoWriMo9 – Fiery Forest

“I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire…”

Ed Sheeran
Image Credit: peoplesdispatch.org

Crackling flames setting homes ablaze
Amazon wilderness’ atmospheric haze
Collapsing lungs of Mother Gaia
Praying for healing to Her own messiah
Struggling to breathe in the only bloom,
Constricted by a carbon monoxide plume
Destructive deforestation threatening demise
Suffocating life sparking international cries
Billows of smoke blending in with the clouds
Contaminating the precious air it enshrouds

17 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo9 – Fiery Forest

      • Ummmm… not sure going from one extreme to another extreme is going to help! 😉

        I saw a video recently from the late 1970’s where a paleo-climatologist said he thought there was evidence that the planet had stopped warming and we had already begun the slide towards the next Ice Age!!!

        He was working in the Arctic circle and had been for 9 years and believed temperatures had not increased since the 50’s and if anything were going slightly down.

        I checked him out and he’s had an about-face (largely as a result of his studies on arctic mosses that have lied dormant for 15,000 years under permanent ice which are becoming unfrozen and thinks man made heating of the planet is one of our biggest problems today and is leading to mass extinctions of many species. 😦

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        • Hm! I wonder if there were periods of time when temperatures did not increase and yet overall has been increasing. In the midst of a 6th mass extinction, waiting 10 million years for Earth’s biodiversity to rebound is a worrisome thought!

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          • Worrisome indeed.

            A problem currently magnified in terms of it’s affect upon human life due to there now being at least 10 times more of us alive on our planet than at any other time before America was colonised. That and the fact that we are largely all now so dependent upon fixed and unrelocatable structures for practically all of life’s basic necessities.

            We’ve become ‘citified’ and most of us tend to live close to the rapidly changing sea level line. 😦

            Above all, change is certain. Most changes move as a pendulum, speeding up, stopping, reversing, repeating. Interacting with other changes as momentum pushes some things in one direction while resisting other movements of other things.

            The trouble arises when enough things combine to form a tipping point where the pendulum swings further than it has in the past and the momentum is still increasing.

            It’s fortunately rare (in human history) but it’s likely overdue in world history.

            So should we live like there is no tomorrow – or prepare for the End of the World (as we know it?) 🙂

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