Friday Follies – 7.26.19 – Mark Twain & Clothes

😀 Mark Twain always manages to make me laugh! Though I wonder if Twain had heard of Michelangelo’s Renaissance David sculpture at the time he said this! 😉

Snapshot at Adam Aleksander men’s clothing shop in Frisco, TX

7 thoughts on “Friday Follies – 7.26.19 – Mark Twain & Clothes

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    • No not at all! As beautiful, naked, and free as Adam and Eve before the fall in Genesis when they had a clear direct communication line with God. Nowadays, with the destructive things in our air like pollution caused by the decisions of some members in humanity, it’s best I cover up as much as possible to protect my skin from atopic dermatitis. Though I suppose some people go to nudist sites if they wish to be naked. 🙂

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