Friday Follies – 07.12.19 – Strange Font


One day, there was a sale on to create business cards. I was catching up with friends at the Olive Garden and we decided to create some cards for ourselves for future networking events. As we were browsing through various designs, I noticed a baffling font called “Refrigerator Deluxe”. I guess it’s standing upright and compressed into a vertical space like a refrigerator? If you are ever in the mood to create your own font, Font Forge, an open source application, is at your service!

According to Wikipedia, typography is the art and technique of making the written language legible and appealing and its principle goal is effective communication. Type design is the process of developing type faces. Various type faces can communicate to the reader a variety of emotions and ideas. Have you ever noticed while reading a book that one font can make you feel bubbly inside and how another font can send chills down your spine? It’s fascinating to see what kind of associations we attribute to the visual stimulus that we get from a font face!

13 thoughts on “Friday Follies – 07.12.19 – Strange Font

  1. That’s an interesting observation about fonts in a book reprising certain emotions!

    I wonder if one day we will have books written in various content-specific fonts that emphasise the relevant emotions intended to be related in each line or chapter?

    Do we all have the same emotional reaction to the same font, i wonder??? 🙂

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    • Hm! I think that there’s some books that do that. I think some authors have great copywriters and editors that pour over that sort of detail to deliver a cool experience. I don’t think we have the same emotional reaction though. Different strokes for different folks! 🙂


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