What Do You See? – A Gift

A mountain of anticipation
builds as I speculate the special occasion
that catches my attention.

Today is an irresistible gift
and a mystery to behold
which does not belong merely to me.

To what purpose did the giver
want to express?

It is an expression of appreciation
for the relationship we share.

Shall I accept it with grace and gratitude or
should I be suspicious of the giver’s intentions?

My acceptance hinges on whether
our relationship is genuine.

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32 thoughts on “What Do You See? – A Gift

  1. Ah, so hard to trust in relationship. Hopefully this gift has no strings attached, a gift from the heart. Thank you Sa.

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  2. Lovely piece, Sa.
    Hopefully accepted with grace and gratitude! It’s a sad day when a gift from a friend becomes suspect and yet, sometimes friendship means something different to the other person.
    Hope you come by and link up. It’s a great Six 🙂


  3. Reminds me of the old saying: “Never look a Gift Horse in the mouth!” 🙂

    which really never made good sense to me. (Supposedly, they used to see how old (useful) a horse was by checking it’s teeth – this would tell you how good a gift it was, or not!) Would probably be considered ‘poor form’ to disgrace the giver by such an act – however prudent it might be! 😉

    Would you really want to know the intentions of someone kind enough to give you a gift?
    Perhaps, if it came with ‘expectations’ one might? 😉

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    • Hello Bob! I’m sorry, it seems like all your messages ended up in my spam box which would explain why these messages are not going through the proper channels!

      What a fascinating account! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Reminds me of a funny story though. One day, I was looking for a gift for my mom. I settled on a necklace with a silver piece that had several violet gemstones of different gradient shades because violet is one of her favorite colors. When she opened the gift, she examined it and traded it in for a set of solid gold earrings! 😉

      Some days, I just don’t want to think too hard about it, but I’ve had interesting situations arise… ;D


  4. Not sure why, but some of my followers have had my comments go to spam recently, so it’s clearly not your fault! 🙂

    Mothers huh? 😉

    On the whole i think i’d rather have an interesting life than a boring one!

    Of course, some interesting things can be better not being experienced! 😉

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    • Sometimes I prefer to learn from other people’s experiences, but I believe experiencing them for yourself allows you to connect to others in unforeseen ways. 🙂


  5. That’s true of course. 🙂

    These days though, we need to be prepared for some less-than-favourable ‘unforeseens’

    Best to be careful!


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