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#FOTD – Happy Valentine’s Day

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.” 😉

Erich Segal

Enjoying Cee’s tulip this morning! Wishing my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day! These are some lovely roses that I took as I was heading to the library. It’s been a busy month for me! Hope you enjoy your day with those you care about!


Hello everyone! I'm a technical writer by day, creative writer by night. I have a wild imagination yearning for more in life. I'm fascinated by many subjects that have developed into a sort of mental and physical wanderlust that ultimately leads me to experience a variety of cultural shocks. Welcome to my journey and looking forward to reading your blogs!

23 thoughts on “#FOTD – Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. That’s precious! ❤ I'm sure she enjoys receiving them from you every time. I remember reading articles about rose color symbolism. Grace, joy, gratitude, admiration for a pink rose, but I think anyone can interpret it however they like! 😀

  1. Such lovely roses …Definitely a classic beauty 😊❤️ I hope you had a wonderful day love!

    My kindergarten and 1st grade students made sure I felt super loved and appreciated…they were so sweet!😃

  2. What a beautiful way to be greeted at the start of your day! I’m glad to see that you made some time just to stop and ‘smell’ (well, photograph) the roses 🙂 Thanks for sharing such beauty with all of us!

    (and thanks for comment bombing my page the other day! 😀 That was great.)

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