Into the Spiderverse

Yesterday, the fog returned in full force! My boyfriend and I headed out to the movie theater after eating a delicious meal at a restaurant called Pho Garden. We shared some spring rolls, vermicelli pork dishes, and a tasty bowl of warm pho as we chatted about future goals, our daily plans, and life experiences. The restaurant gradually became packed with hungry customers. It was so much fun, and we licked the bowls and plates clean!

After debating between two super-hero movies, we decided to watch Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse and wow, I was blown away by the visually stunning animation and a solid cast of unique characters! Serious, dark situations were mitigated with humorous and intelligent dialogue. The antagonists in the story were intimidating and brilliant. A charming and stylish adventure, I was dazzled by how immersed I was in the whole experience: a blend of the 2-D comic book world that came to life and 3-D elements. I enjoyed the appearance of Stan Lee!

Afterward, we were still processing our roller coaster high as we stepped back into the reality of our world. While sitting next to the bowling alley and arcade, we looked at various Spiderman episodes from the 60s till present on Youtube, and I was amazed to see just how far we came along in terms of quality and speed. We discussed about what it takes to captivate audiences nowadays and wondered: If this is the bar now, what is it going to look like 40 years from now?

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14 thoughts on “Into the Spiderverse

    • They were absolutely delicious! Have you had them before? It brings back wonderful memories for me. My family huddled around a griddle on the table as we grill seafood, meat, and vegetables creating our own spring rolls. I love the warmth and laughter of family dinners. 🙂

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    • This movie brought back a sense of wonder into the Marvel universe for me! It was such a fascinating blend of a variety of elements. I think I’ll make some rolls by hand with a friend tomorrow! 🙂


  1. the food looked yummy. I love pho and spring rolls. The movie sounded pretty awesome too so I’ll have to check it out. I haven’t been to a theater in a while but we have a pretty good one that is cheap on certain days — Tuesday I think. I’ll have to check.

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    • It was a while since I went to the theater. We have one that gives discounts to students. I’m blown away by the visual quality of what’s out there currently. Aquaman & Battle Angel Alita was also action packed. I wonder if it’s possible for me to be more discriminating, but it feels fresh to me.

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