#FOWC – My Caricature

A few months ago, I was stressed out from my own studies, I sometimes manage by heading to the gym on campus and putting on some boxing gloves and pounding a bag for a while to help me refocus. I know I don’t really look like the boxer type, but this activity helps me. 🙂

Photo Credit: Pixabay

One day, a caricature artist arrived at my school to help students de-stress from midterms and other various tests.

I thought it would be fun spending five to ten minutes in front of an artist as she draws me looking frazzled before lunch.

It was a brief moment of indulgence as time is of the essence during testing season. Yet, I never had a caricature made for myself before!

So THIS is what I looked like when I’m stressed! Guess the artist didn’t really capture the turmoil in my mind too well! 😀

Hooray for de-stressors!

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