White Elephant #4

Teresa from The Haunted Wordsmith created a lovely event tag called White Elephant for the holiday season. I see this as a way for me to express appreciation for other bloggers I follow. 

For Richa @ iScriblr, thank you for delivering the right words for several occasions! I feel like you’ve been a great cheerleader supporting many people on their blogging journey. You’ve helped so many people believe in themselves when they might be unsure. I want to give you 2 tickets for you and your hubby to go visit a vineyard where they will host a wine tasting. ❤

For Winnie @ Musings, thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry and photos! I always feel at peace when reading your positive blog. I want to give you a beautiful leather bound journal with a 3-digit combination lock. It’s a “sailor journal” to document your beautiful travels. Hope you continue to write what inspires you. ❤

For Sk8terSandhu @ Exquisite Life, thank you for recently following me! I found you through Rory. I’ve enjoyed your heart felt prayers, your research, and the loving care that you give as you warn people of various risks. I hope you enjoy reading these essays in “The Virgin Mary and the Theology of the Body”. I hope it gives you new insights ❤

8 thoughts on “White Elephant #4

  1. Good afternoon dear,

    I am very delightful by receive such a wonderful gift from you , my beloved Mother Mary, thank ful to you to send such a message to enlight my day with joy, god bless you always.

    Best regards
    Sk Sandhu

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    • Hello SK Sandhu! Good morning to you too! (at least from my time zone 🙂 )

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Scott Hahn said, “These essays show how the Marian mysteries touch upon every area of human life and culture. This collection is breathtaking in its range; the integration is profound and illuminating.”

      I hope you enjoy your day. Look forward to reading your posts again!


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