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Q&A: Christmas Fireside Chat

Final testing season is over for me! Whew! This semester was quite a doozy, and those test makers sure know how to give many curve balls. Those mental gymnastics sure has made my mind more agile. Winter break is opening up for me, and I might be able to do more blog posts now! Yay!

Jenna, The Sunshine Artist, has invited me over for a Christmas chat by the crackling fireside! So now, I’m going to relax here with a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows as I dive into and share with you all my cherished memories  in regards to Christmas. If you seen my post on  3.2.1-Celebrations, you’d know that I love to celebrate, and  there is more than one favorite memory! What are yours?

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Back when I wasn’t studying for the GMAT, I would go through all of Netflix’s Hallmark Christmas romance movies and eat some chocolate: A Christmas Prince, A Christmas Kiss, Christmas Lodge, Christmas in the Smokies, Christmas Inheritance… Maybe, I can sneak one in now, they feel so good! ❤ My favorite though would probably be Home Alone. 🙂 

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Every Christmas has always been different for me! So I’m not sure I have a specific tradition. I roll a bunch of traditions into one event. Does that count? 😉 I enjoy attending Christmas mass with my family and learn the true meaning of Christmas after watching a creative theatrical nativity play hosted by the teachers and children. I also really enjoy creating hand made Christmas cards and help bake sugar cookies with some friends to deliver to the kids at a local orphanage. I really enjoy baking every Christmas! I also buy one toy for the Christmas Angel programs.

What was your most memorable Christmas and why?

So you might think I’m a bit insane, but this is the first memory that comes to mind at the word memorable! So, all of the second grade teachers at my school had worked with the parents to create a fun activity. Each student was going to bring a yard of Christmas themed fabric of his/her choice. The teachers and the parents who knew how to sew were going to create several “noodles” with each piece of fabric, stuff it with polyester, and bring it back.

The day before all of us headed out for winter break, all the students in our grade were going to work on this craft activity. Each student received 3 noodles made from fabric that were brought by other students. I just thought it was neat that I could have a piece from another student’s fabric. I just felt a sense of unity as we worked on this project together.

I was feeling under the weather, but I was so excited to work on this crafty activity. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. The room was in a pure creative state for 3 hours as all the students in the throughout the hall braided and decorated these wreaths creating all sorts of unique creations.

I was feeling tired near the end of the day. I started to relieve the itch that traveled up and down my arms. As I scratched it, I noticed that there were red bumps. I touched my forehead and realized how hot it was. I was coming down with a fever. By the time I was finished with my wreath, I realized that I had the chicken pox!

I guessed I missed my vaccination. (Nowadays, I try to stay updated on my vaccines.) I was so worried that I passed on my chicken pox to the other students, so I warned all of them to stay many yards away from me. When we were all done and ready to go home, my classmates waved and wished me a Merry Christmas as they safely kept their distance.

My mother disinfected and washed my wreath. Even though I was sick, I was glad  to have made this wreath with good holiday cheer!


Hello everyone! I'm a technical writer by day, creative writer by night. I have a wild imagination yearning for more in life. I'm fascinated by many subjects that have developed into a sort of mental and physical wanderlust that ultimately leads me to experience a variety of cultural shocks. Welcome to my journey and looking forward to reading your blogs!

38 thoughts on “Q&A: Christmas Fireside Chat

  1. This is a cozy chat indeed, I’ll sit here and have a cup of cocoa with you by the roaring fire. I always loved baking Christmas cookies and making homemade decorations, gifts, and Christmas cards with my mom.

    I too love the Hallmark Christmas romance movies! I started this year’s count down to Christmas over Thanksgiving breay…now I’m already behind.😉

    Awww, that is definitely a memorable Christmas indeed! I could see you determined to participate in the crafts and then feeling awful that you might spread the chicken pox. 😉

        1. Thanks that means a lot, John, after going through everything I’ve been through. It takes a while to get to know other bloggers! I enjoy doing these Q&A’s which will help people learn more about me and help them decide whether or not to follow. 🙂 I look forward to answering yours soon!

  2. Nice to hear your memories of Christmas! I used to bake and decorate lots of cookies, too. Haven’t in awhile, though.
    Funny story now, about your chicken pox, but sure wasn’t at the time, I’m sure. Reminds me of the time I came down with them on Christmas day, years ago. All the other kids got to go out & play with their new toys, but I had to stay in. Not fun at all. 🙂

    1. 😀 At least those hosting the party will appreciate that you help them not have too many leftovers!!! It takes all sorts of people to make the world go round. There’s no shame! 😉

  3. Great Chat, well, story-telling more like. 😉 Bummer about the rash for Christmas though!

    Don’t really have a favourite Christmas movie that i can recall? ( Although i did actually smile quite a bit watching ‘Deck the Halls’ with Danny de Vito and John Cusack as they tried all kind of dirty tricks to out-do each other in the Xmas festivities. 🙂 )

    Favourite Christmas Tradition?? No- Brainer…. OPENING ALL THE PRESENTS!!! 😀 ( I’m an only child so i got the most!) 😉

    My most memorable Christmas was probably 1970 – the first one i got to spend in Australia after coming from the UK. 35Deg C, bright blue skies and blinding sunshine – not what i was used to. Also had no relatives except for Mum and Dad and we only knew 2 other people in the country so we kept it a close family affair. I also got my first ever bike! – the start of a long and lasting relationship with cycling. 🙂

    1. I love presents! I carefully open it though, so I can recycle the tissue paper and bags. 🙂

      Aw…That’s so exciting! Your first bike? You must have had so many adventures with it. We should exchange our bike tales! I have a lot too!

      Yay! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories! That’s so funny about the movie Deck the Halls.

      Only child? That must be interesting! What was it like to be an only child? I can’t imagine life without my siblings though! I have an incredibly large family.

      1. We had some wrapping papers that were reused for about 5 or 6 christmasses! 😉 These days we rip and toss. 🙂

        My first bike was a ‘dragster’ type with the high ‘V’ handlebars and power (hydraulic) brakes. Myfirst taste of independent travel and the freedom it gave was wonderful. Lasted until i found ‘racing’ bikes and i never looked back, even though they nearly killed me on several occasions. 🙂

        One time i was riding home from school and felt like being ‘cool’ and radical so i tried reversing my hands on the handlebars, left for right, right for left while cruising downhill. Started losing control and could not correct my steering as i was starting to cross into oncoming traffic and the wheel began rapidly moving right and left making me and the whole bike wobble violently!

        Somehow i stayed upright – and alive! 😉

        Being an only child meant i never felt unloved and got all the attention and care i needed (even though both parents had to work full time) but also meant i became quite good at being independent, amusing myself and found some of the finer points of socialising and making new friends as a kid less than ‘natural’.

        I think having brothers and sisters would have helped in some regards, but on the whole i think i probably prefer a smaller family. If i had had any major trauma in childhood it might have been different, but short of leaving ‘home’ and friends for good to start life again on the other side of the world at age 11 things really were pretty good. 🙂

  4. It was a lovely read. I’ve watched all of those movies too. And rewatch them every year. A Christmas Prince 2 is here BTW 😉
    Perhaps, you’d like a virtual chat with me too, sometime?

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