White Elephant #2

Teresa from The Haunted Wordsmith created a lovely event tag called White Elephant for the holiday season. I see this as a way for me to express appreciation for other bloggers I follow. 

For Tony Burgess @ T-Bird,  thank you for your short daily posts, paying attention and being kind to the invisible in society. I’ve enjoyed your Wordless Wednesdays and your one liners that are filled with wisdom and food for thought. I wanted to give you a Tardis from Dr. Who, but since it’s currently travelling through time, I’ll give you this Tardis coffee ceramic mug instead! Sorry, I knew you were getting excited at the prospect of time travel. 🙂

Tardis Coffee Mug – Ali Express

For lwbut @ Lovewillbringustogether, thank you for extending your friendship! I got you some rare seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom company. This flower is called the Pepperbox Poppy. It looks like an eruption of flames. Here’s a description. “Annual. Breadseed-type poppy in shades of red, purple, and pink. The papery blooms are so large and showy! And after blooming is done, large pods yield blue-gray poppy seeds, ideal for use in baking and confections. Simply shake the seeds out and store them; then use the empty pods in dried arrangements. At 3-4 feet in height, the brilliant flowers and prickly, gray-green foliage are quite a sight!” 🙂

For Stoner On a Roller Coaster, so I have some good news to share with you! Thor got a hold of the blacksmith that created his incredible hammer for me and gave me a hammer to give to you. Of course, I owe Thor a favor, but seeing you struggle over this hatchimal toy was interesting! Protect those precious nails of yours! This hammer shall solve this problem in the future! 🙂

Chris Hemsworth as Thor with hammer

12 thoughts on “White Elephant #2

  1. What an absolutely brilliant and perfect gift! Thank you so very much, Sa.

    You know me well! 😉

    Giving them to me like this is even more perfect because had you tried to send them here there is every possibility my country’s severe Agricultural Quarantine policy would have confiscated and destroyed them as a ‘bio-hazard!!

    I tried to buy blue leaved Coleus seeds from Ali Baba in April and this week received a letter from Customs ( dated 18 April 2018!) saying they had been held for destruction and i had 20 days to give reason why i thought they should not be ( so by first week in May !!?? )

    Previously i had some expensive tea bags from the UK sent as a gift which were also destroyed – despite the fact that the exact same bags are available here imported by a legitimate import business???

    Your kind and thoughtful gift is greatly appreciated! 🙂

    I LOVE this poppy! 😀

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    • Wow! That’s unfortunate. We too have an interesting border policy about a lot of stuff including certain cheeses from Italy!😣

      Sounds like the blue leaves would have looked nice. Many teenagers are smoking morning glories its effects, and can see how they would ban it as a drug. 🤣

      Baker creek heirloom company catalog is so much fun to browse through!😄

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      • I thought Americans LOVE cheese – and there are a LOT of Italian Americans so how did that become an issue i wonder? 😉

        The blue coleus seeds were not confisticated as a drug – they’re afraid of plant diseases coming in and polluting our unique biosphere through viruses that can escape ‘domesticity’ and get into our agriculture!

        Kinda stupid as in the case of my teabags which were legally imported by a business here but my relatives were not allowed to send the same product (exactly the same!) in the mail??

        I might have to mosey over to Baker Creek for a look… but i’m pretty sure i’d have the same issue with their seeds. 😦 Might have to ‘window shop’? 🙂


          • Hopefully I can find locally a close match to anything i see on their catalogue.

            Customs are now extremely cautious.. but probably because we’ve made some very costly mistakes regarding what we have previously allowed in. (Foxes, Rabbits, Prickly Pear, Cane Toads etc etc). Being an island allows us more control over our wildlife than many countries ever have. (in theory!) 😉

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