15 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge: Day 3

  1. Definitely meets the criteria! 🙂 I love Sheryl Crow.

    Mine would have been Don Henley: Boys of Summer.:-)

    On the flipside of the great fun cool clip of Sheryl – I’m having my 4th skin cancer surgically removed on Thursday. I’m hoping they will get all of this one too! Don’t soak up too much Sun.

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    • Yikes! Probably because you spend so much time tending to your garden. I lather on several layers of sunscreen with a high SPF. So much to the point that my doctor prescribed Vitamin D pills for my deficiency. 🙂

      I think it’s funny that for a song that came out before I was born, I really enjoy Don Henley: Boys of Summer! It’s a classic!

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      • OUCH! You just had to say that – didn’t you? 😉

        Before you were born? (Siigghhhhh.)

        I think the cancers were more from my youthful days of having ‘Fun’ in the sun, back before the term SPF had been invented.

        Back then you put stuff on to burn your skin brown as possible – Coconut oil! A deep tan was THE must have fashion accessory. Being a Caucasian from Northern Europe my skin was not best suited to the lifestyle, but it did not stop me trying. 😦

        These days i know better but the damage has been done.

        You could always try catching some early or late sun without the high SPF for your Vit D Fix?? 😉 (Can be tricky in winter!)

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        • I’m sorry! It’s a habit I’m trying to break!! I caught myself saying things without thinking five times related to age! My Spanish teacher once posted a family picture from the 70’s. I asked her what that electronic piece they were holding in their hand. It was a large pager…My curiosity and inquisitiveness is turning me into a brat!!! 😀 😉

          Fascinating. I always thought a tan made you look healthier and certainly more outgoing. Though, I think in some cultures, they try to preserve their milky white skin as long as possible.

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          • I feel NO need of an apology I ca assure you, Sa. It’s all takken in good humour. 🙂

            And curiosity and inquisitiveness i consider a sign of high intelligence (regardless of what they say about ‘cats’).

            Furthermore i could never think of you as a brat! 🙂 (yes i got the ‘wink’ as you said it!)

            A blogger from India said where she is from a tan is a sign of lowly caste/class – it means they work long hours outside in the sun and not in an office.

            And the Japanese Maiko and Geisha exaggerate the whiteness of skin which relates to purity. 🙂

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