#VJWC: If I was an Ice Cream Flavor…

Thinking yourself as an ice cream flavor is a quirky way to describe one’s character.

Feeling inspired by Chiru’s post on ice cream and Ice Cream Magazine, I wanted to share with you an old entry that I wrote for Unigo’s Flavor of the Month scholarship a few years ago. I wrote it in the perspective of the ice cream. 🙂 You can check out previous winning entries are here.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what ice cream flavor would you be?

“I’ve failed!” A young lady is sitting on a bench outside the classroom sobbing about her recent college exam. She stares at me appreciatively with so much gratitude that I keep her company at a pivotal moment in her life in which she will consider changing her major.

I peer into her soulful brown eyes and see a reflection of myself sitting gracefully on a waffle cone peering back at me. I see a light brown complexion, a tone that even people are envious of, on my cloud-shaped body sophisticated styled with rich golden brown accessories.

My overall gentle expression will permanently reassure others that whatever the situation is, we will make it through together. She gushes with a genuine enthusiasm as her mouth warmly greets my creamy surface, “Why, Butter Pecan, you’re just a heavenly delight!”
I have a couple of lively surprises nested within this soft scoop for this lucky gal. CRUNCH! You see, I’m not just a sweet and soothing stress-reliever. I’ve got some substance in which my character can be discovered.
I’m packed with the healthy nutritional benefits of pecans such as incorporating key minerals and vitamins that stimulating hair growth, strengthening the immune system, and reducing the risk of breast cancer, stroke, high blood pressure. After all, I like to care after my friends’ emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being while creating delicious memories when times get tough and when life calls for difficult decision-making.

Conclusion of My Meandering Thoughts about Character

I wonder if the development of character is partially dependent on paying attention to the characteristics of another thing or person. I wonder if your role models are a factor in the development of character. When we look at a tree, why do we often make the metaphor of “putting down your roots” so that you can be strong? If we can visualize it, does that make it easier to develop?tree2

I thought the quote you gave here was interesting to ponder about:

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. – Abraham Lincoln

I recently skimmed a book called “The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson” by Robert A. Caro. John F. Kennedy, Johnson’s rival, was recognized to be the golden man of America. He had situations in which his character could be compromised due to the position of power he was in. The political environment he placed himself in influenced his actions. Lyndon B. Johnson realized this as well when running for office. Wielding such power requires responsibility and accountability which leads me to think that character is influenced by the environment in which he/she plants down their roots. So I’ll end with this quote.

It takes a village to raise a child. – African proverb

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18 thoughts on “#VJWC: If I was an Ice Cream Flavor…

    • Lol, The origins of this poem are funny! 😄I created it while I was supervising some merchandise outside in 102 degree weather. Sun was scorching at the time and I was sweating buckets as I slathered on layers of sunscreen.


    • 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you got to check out the ice cream magazine link too! The photos of various ice cream looks delectable! You just want to grab it out of the screen!

      I do enjoy VJ’s prompts! Her quotes make me think about life throughout my day. She always gives me some food for thought.

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