Friday Follies: Ep 1.3 – I am what I am

This evening I’m ringing up merchandise for customers, and I come across a very “self-actualized” baby walker. For some reason, I experience a fit of giggles because it sounds like this particular walker has major bragging rights and this box’s side panel is its dating ad.

The couple gives me a puzzled look and asks me, “Are you looking for one? This one’s ours, ya know?”

I was incredulous and dumbfounded. I actually found my personal Friday Follies treasure. I’m talking to myself, “ProsceniumΒ did tell me I was going to find something when I least expect it. Here it is!

I turn to the couple and ask them, ” Is it alright if I take a picture of this?”

The couple gives me a strange look. “Uh….Sure!” Possessively, they quickly put it in their cart and left as fast as they could as if I was going to change my mind and buy it from them.

This is what a confident walker strutting its stuff looks like!Β 
Snatch ’em off the shelves before someone else does!

Walker- Friday Follies.jpg

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