#Double Etheree – Payback Time


Payback Time

failed potion
outside her tree
Crazed incantation
Setting fire ablaze
About to taste sweet revenge
on the fling who betrayed her trust
He unlocked her chest and stole her things
Freely broke her heart into smithereens
Her pet owl’s eyes are gaping in concern
Tree spirits are materializing
Raven hair dancing in delight
Caged monster stares at the pot
Gripping tightly, he gulps
The goblet of blood
is within reach
Magic books

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21 thoughts on “#Double Etheree – Payback Time

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Your created a vivid image through the whole Etheree poem. Thank you for participating. I love the spirit of your tale too. Fitting for the mood of the picture.

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  2. First thing to take away here: do not mess with a witch.

    Now that I have that out of the way: I loved the visual aspects of this. It compliments the atmosphere well, in fact, this is a full scene: background music, cauldron boiling, shadows on the walls, energies discharging, the witch’s wrath pouring out of her and into the spell she is weaving. Both the anger and the passion with which it is felt come through very clearly. Superb work, expertly written.


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