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#Fable – Once Upon a Time

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”
– Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagarie


Once upon a time,
in the enchanted woodlands
the shades of green are subdued as
orbs of gold catch the sunshine
within the morning dewdrops
that rest upon the blades of grass

Golden autumn leaves burst into confetti as
Thousands of cardinals shoot into the sky
their loose feathers sprinkling harmony
waking up the spirits of the forest

Sharing the prophecy of true wealth in which
authentic happiness begins when one knows oneself
igniting the fire of life that burns within our souls
during the darkest and coldest times

Sun is shining through the stained glass window
of a home within these enchanted woodlands
Fragmented crystalline light heavenly illuminates the room
Dust particles float down and rest on the nose
of a girl named Amaryllis peacefully sleeping
who sneezed from the accumulating dust

Now awakened, Amaryllis groggily rubbed her eyes
and opened the latch of her window now letting in
the rays of sun which delivered a cathartic experience
purging any negative feeling of being fully awake
filling her with warmth and energy as she delighted in
the morning glories that shyly acquiesce
revealing their vibrant blue blossoms
Her senses explored the vast beauty around her

She breathes in the elevating scent of the pine trees
nestled in the depth of the golden forest that stretches for miles.
Two rabbits, black and white, hopped in front of her window.
Black rabbit urgently said, “A stitch in time saves nine!”
White rabbit implored, “You’ve got to pick up every stitch!”
Black rabbit yelled, “It is the season of the witch!”

Amaryllis stared at the pair, “How strange!”
“These rabbits must be dissembling the facts!”
“There is no witch! I have all the time in the world to do all I want.”
Wondering if she was dreaming, she went back to sleep
but the rabbits hopped into her room and crawled on her bed.

White rabbit tickled her nose, “Please wake up! It’s important!”
Black rabbit stamped on her face, “The witch will destroy everything!”
Unable to ignore these annoying creatures any longer,
she grudgingly woke up and looked out the window.
Sure enough, the witch glided down the mountain
from where she lived and began terrorizing the forest.
Golden forests turned to ash the moment the witch touched them
The spirits within the forest shivered from her presence and hid
Cardinals once sending out beacons of hope now burst into flames
Dissonance begins to wreak havoc in harmony’s place
Morning dewdrops evaporated into steam
Creating a heavy fog that obscured vision
Morning glories withered away
Light from the stained glass window
was now mercilessly grey
Amaryllis was now brooding
about this deplorable state
She faced a great challenge
“Why didn’t she listen?”

The black and white rabbits now camouflaging
with the colors of the room tugged at her shirt
simultaneously said, “Amaryllis, you can fix this!”
With the command of military generals,
the rabbits gave clear instructions.

“Go up to the balcony of your home
where your parents were entrusted
with the care of a spinning wheel.
Spin the wheel three times and life will be restored
The witch will go back to the mountains.
This is a magical maca root to help you brave the storm.”
The rabbits handed her a three beige bulbs
as they took shelter underground.

The ceaseless destruction and the rabbits encouragement
prompted her into action as she ran upstairs.
Tornadoes propelled around her at high velocity
making it difficult to reach the wheel.
She stuffed the maca roots down her mouth and chewed
A wave of energy pulsated within her
She sat down and took a deep breath in
She spun the wheel three times.
The storm stopped and the tornadoes dispersed.
The dismayed witch glided
back to the mountains and
Amaryllis sighed
in relief.

Have you ever noticed when time seems to stretch out when you’re walking from one place to another? Other times, it feels as if it’s short? Now, imagine the distance that it takes to get from one state of mind to another. When people say, “Time heals all wounds”, others will like to also add, “It’s what you do with your time that helps heal.”

Moral of the story? Time is fleeting. What you do with your time can determine where you will be. Do not procrastinate for what can be done today. Your dreams can unravel by choosing to do nothing. Don’t wait until things are deplorable before you decide to do something.


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Hello everyone! I'm a technical writer by day, creative writer by night. I have a wild imagination yearning for more in life. I'm fascinated by many subjects that have developed into a sort of mental and physical wanderlust that ultimately leads me to experience a variety of cultural shocks. Welcome to my journey and looking forward to reading your blogs!

18 thoughts on “#Fable – Once Upon a Time

  1. What a lovely and inspiring story! You’re so right, time is precious, we should use the time we have wisely and enjoy every moment. Don’t wait for tomorrow to start living the dreams you wish to bring to life. ❤️ 🙂

  2. Does the word ‘Over-achiever’ mean anythang to y’all? 😉 😀

    That’s a heap of challenges bundled up in there. 🙂

    I like the saying: ‘It’s what you do in the time that helps heal’ – i had not heard the addition to the ‘Time heals’ quote before now.

    As my post on Philosophy mentions though everything exists between 2 extremes. My personal thought is that either extreme can be equally disadvantageous as the other. Some time is needed to consider what or if action is appropriate at a point in time… or if sometimes we need to let things be before we know which way to step.

    Apathy or lethargy are not things i would promote but time and patience are great teachers. 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend Sa. 🙂

    P.S Love the cardinal !

    1. Hey, it’s been a while since I posted! Also, it doesn’t hurt to learn new words. Besides, I had a lot of fun with this post! 😀

      My weekend is going along swimmingly. Pampering myself after hours upon hours of studying new problem solving methods.

      I do see what you mean about extremes. Leaning towards one end or the other causes polarization which I think could be dangerous.

      I do agree about taking time to make decisions as well. I guess this fable was born out of my dreams and my environment. 🙂

      1. OK – i guess you’re ALLOWED to combine a lot of challenges into one post ‘to save/make up time’ 😉 :-)… and i could tell you were having fun there!

        I think the dangerous side comes from staying stuck being attracted to either extreme and not being able to see where the middle ground is – where the balance or tipping points are. I’m not so sure it is us doing the leaning, as it is the extremes (or maybe the extremists?) doing the pulling at us which makes us lean?).

        It is a good Fable! That probably would indicate you have good Dreams and a good environment that nourished them. 🙂

        All good Fables have a Moral to them! 🙂

        1. I see your point! I think of one example where intelligence officers examined a case of a home grown terrorist. They found out after an investigation that his ideas were influenced by another extremist. It’s a sort of magnetism and vortex. I also think it’s complex. Even as I was writing this fable, I thought about how the witch became this way. It reminded me the story behind Maleficent who’s life experiences as a young girl influenced the woman she became.

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