Flower of the Day – 10.8.18

Hello! I had such a busy morning running errands! Viewing Cee’s tall dahlia overseeing the rest of the field reminds me of a lion standing on a cliff majestically looking beyond and taking care of its pack. (Lion King is coming to mind! 🙂 ) This is a flower taken outside the Missions, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Taken outside SanAntonio Missions National Historical Park


18 thoughts on “Flower of the Day – 10.8.18

            • haha! It wasn’t a one-man job. My classmates took the other tiles. We quickly moved onto the next assignment of painting the periodic table on the ceiling tiles in the chemistry lab. 🙂

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            • After seeing first hand what awesome works of Art can be created by simple genetic DNA interactions in flowers maybe i’m not that surprised by the chemical ones! 😉
              FYI – i memorised the Periodic Table in my first year of high school chemistry! (Nerd!) 🙂

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            • Nerds unite! I remember feeling a sense of pride learning about a variety of elements. Hm, so I’m guessing you can interbreed certain flowers? As far as chemical reactions go, there’s a movie called The Fountain in which the director hired a chemist to create some interesting visual effects. Story line was a little confusing for me to follow, but visuals captivated me.

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            • I have not yet attempted to interbreed any flowers although i get the theory and it is a reasonably simple practice. Nature appears to be doing a far beter job of it in my garden though – i tend to sit back and enjoy the ride ( and take photos!) I estimate i have some 30 or more different poppy varieties now… and counting! 🙂

              I’m going to look out for The Fountain!


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