“Treating Girls like a Yo-yo is a No-no”

Photo of Caro Emerald from https://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-curvy/glam-and-curvy/2010/11/caro-emerald#ad-image47269

Dream: In the school auditorium, the voluptuous figure of Caro Emerald entranced the students as she sung to a jazzy tune.

“…With all the money in the world
You could never buy this girl
Quite enough, it will be tough…
Treating girls like a yo-yo is a no-no of a monumental kind…
Before it’s tragedy, don’t get me tangled up …” 

I strolled through the room and headed upstairs to class humming to the catchy beat. I arrived at the back of the classroom and sat down in the far back row so that I didn’t interrupt the lesson plan with me shuffling through my bag.

After the lesson was over, I walked up to the front of the classroom. I looked to my right, and I saw immobile young men staring at the blackboard. I looked to my left, there were some more young men in a similar daze.

Dressed in his trademark blue and grey flannel shirt, my boyfriend was sitting in the left corner next to a window. I excitedly waved and said hello, but he couldn’t hear me. He couldn’t move at all. It was like he was in a trance staring straight ahead.    

Waking up feeling concerned. It’s interesting that Caroline Esmeralda Van der Leeuw, a Dutch pop and jazz singer, decided to sing in my dream last night. My boyfriend introduced me to the electro-swing genre of music two years ago. The energetic rhythm is fun to listen to. Still pondering on why the male students in my class couldn’t speak…

I’ll return to this post later when I reflect on it some more!

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