Fun Friday Flashback: Trendy Kicks From Childhood

Time for me to open the time vault! The Sunshine Artist, Jenna Gee, posted another Fun Friday Flashback in which “today’s travel through time is all about what shoe trends influence your childhood.” Shoes have a way of affecting your attitude and emotional life, and here’s a flashback as to how they influenced my body language and my thoughts.

1) Adidas Super Star
One of my favorite pair of shoes! Most girls on the athletics track team owned a pair of these. I remembered I worked really hard to have my mom buy this particular one with the sky blue stripes. I studied hard to get straight A’s, washed the dishes, raked the leaves, organized the garage, hung the laundry to dry, organized spice cabinets, organized mom’s make up drawers, harvest the pears from the pear trees, organized dad’s toolbox… Let’s just say I was THAT motivated, and my parents weren’t complaining.

2) Doc Martens brown platform leather sandals
Almost every girl I knew owned a pair of Doc Martens. Built for comfort, we roamed the hallways in laid-back fashion. I had a pair until my mom threw them away because of odor control. Sad day indeed.

3) L.E.I. Sneakers
Students at my school had a thing for stripes and Velcro. LEI stands for Life, Energy, and Intelligence. For some enigmatic reason, this phrase became a popularized code among the girls I knew. I would see them scribble this mantra over and over again into the side margins of their spiral notebooks. We decorated our binders with LEI illustrations of our own interpretations of what it meant. The secret notes we dropped into each others’ lockers were framed with LEI’s. These were comfy shoes, but they also were representing our philosophy of how we were going to live life with energy and intelligence. We wanted to write and draw it into existence.

lei sneakers

4) Mudd Holographic Sandals
Mudd was a pretty popular, stylish brand that went beyond shoes. I had a favorite pair of Mudd bell bottom jeans with black and white stripes down the sides. I wore sandals like this to middle school dances which made me feel elegant and cool.

MuddHolographic sandals

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