The Mystery of Aileen’s Past

A Continuation from The Blossoming Friendship
To learn more about the burning bridge, you can visit The Renowned Duo

After finishing the last reading for a customer, Ciaran gently kissed Aileen as he told her of what happened during Eliza’s reading. Aileen furrowed her brow, “Burning bridge? Could it be?…” Her ears perked up as she listened to the opening theme of the rock band that was playing. “Let’s take a break!” Ciaran ventured. Aileen closed her eyes as she swayed and danced in Ciaran’s warm embrace struggling to remember…

So cold
. The ventilators were humming quietly, and the stars twinkled in the clear dark sky. Aileen’s eyes shot wide opened. She writhed in pain. She was laying in an army cot suffering from severe injuries.  She examined the environment around her, and didn’t recognize the glade in which the campsite was located.

ash blaze bonfire burn
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A few soldiers sat around a camp fire eating canned sardines outside the tent where she stayed. Alarmed, she tried to get up but her head falls back and a wave of nausea and dizziness overwhelmed her. The medic ordered her to rest as he held a tin bucket for her to vomit in, and administered a high dose of morphine as she began to doze in and out from fatigue.

Searching through the hazy fog of her memories, she thought to herself, “Well, I’ll…be…damned! My team abandoned me. I would have freezed to death if it wasn’t for them.” She looked up at the medic who was busy making her comfortable and impatiently asked, “Who are you people? Where am I? What happened to me? When can I go back?”

The medic looked at her with concern, “Calm down. One thing at a time. We are a humanitarian disaster response medic organization. We recently arrived on site taking in account of the casualties and gave immediate care to the survivors.”

Dressed to Kill
Photographer & Art Director James Ball @ DOCUBYTE – Edge of Humanity contributor

He hesitantly continued, “We found you near a burning bridge lying in a 6 foot trench with a 200 pound backpack knocked out cold a few miles away from one of the village sites. We had to remove some of your tactical gear covering your mouth to treat some of your facial wounds. We discovered that someone or something gave you a concussion that may have given you mild amnesia. Someone also shot both your legs and your flesh is suffering from 3rd degree burns. Our medics are also studying these mysterious bite marks on your neck. We’re not sure if they’re animal or insect bites.”

biteMarksThere was a long moment of silence as the medic took a few deep breaths. “The combatants bombed and burned several villages down when we were informed that their intelligence couldn’t locate a dangerous spy carefully hidden in the refuge of these farming communities.”

Aileen, inflamed with a sense of justice, was broiling with anger when she found out that these villages burned to a crisp. There was no need for these farmers to die especially during the harvest season of the cool weather vegetables, a rewarding time for all of their hard work.

The medic noticed the shift in Aileen’s expressions and responded, “You must be desiring some sleep right now. Why don’t we rest, and we’ll see how you’re doing the next day so we can catch up.” The morphine was kicking in full force now numbing the pain. “Okay, we’ll do that, but I still have plenty of questions”, Aileen said as her eyes closed and she tried to dream of pretty autumn leaves falling into the darkness.

nature yellow plant leaves
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