Dance on the Balcony

Dream: It was dark outside, and solar stake lights lit up the sidewalks leading up to a white two story condo where there was a party. On the second floor, I saw a bunch of young adults ballroom dancing around a platform stage featuring a flexible pole performer. How these folks ballroom danced to electronic dance music beats me?! I was on the ground floor outside the house enjoying some grilled corn with a friend on a bench underneath a street lamp. “Can we go up there and join the party? Pretty-please? I’ll do the laundry and do the rest of the cleaning chores for two months!!” Mei-Mei cajoled. I rolled my eyes,” Mei-Mei, I’ve been doing your laundry and all the cleaning for the past three years! Are you sure you can suddenly switch gears? Besides, I just need some fresh air!”

I woke up feeling a little worn out for the day. One of my friends was visiting from out of town and decided to stay in the haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio last night. Brave soul, he wanted to see some ghosts! Nope not me. I tried to talk him out of it. I do not want to stay in a haunted house or motel for as long as I live. Otherwise, as I was checking my friend into the Hotel, I enjoyed the lavish surroundings. There was a garden in the middle of a courtyard. Soft jazz music was playing in the background. Apparently, former President Theodore Roosevelt use to hang out in the Menger Bar!

I picked my friend up this morning, and he took my roommate and I out for breakfast. He told me he didn’t see diddly squat as he roamed the building over night. The entire building was lit up, and there wasn’t any dark hallways for the ghosts to travel. I would have thought they would have turned it off to conserve energy, but I guess the managers want to make sure those who are staying there feel safe. My friend preferred the halls to be pitch dark. As he was roaming around the halls, he noticed a parapsychologist team also investigating for the presence of paranormal activity with their temperature readers. He could tell that they were also upset by all the lights.


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