Speed Dating in the Victorian Lounge


Dream: I stared at my reflection in the gloss of a wood panel to a door entry. I was in a large Victorian lounge as I listened to my event planning friends next to me chatting about what a success their speed dating event turned out. I’m keeping track of the paperwork and time. All of the sudden, an Asian man appears in the entrance. He’s dressed in a white button down shirt tucked into some dark denim jeans. He was very pale, had a gentle demeanor, and was very soft spoken. I learned that he was an English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor. Even though he was here, he looked like he didn’t want to be here. My friends at the check-in table quietly laughed to each other. They turned to me and asked, “Hey! Since our guest is late, why don’t you go on a speed date with him?”  The room faded black, and I fainted.

I think I just miss my boyfriend during this 2 month long Operation A.J. endeavor. To have friends suggest that there are better matches out there makes me feel a little discouraged. I enjoyed reading the Sarah Woodstock’s account: My Adventures in Speed Dating

I followed some videos of the Jump Rope Dudes today while listening to BTS soundtrack and country workout playlists. I think I’m becoming a fan of BTS, a Korean pop band. They have such creative dance choreography and bright background layouts. I enjoy their passionate lyrics. I’m impressed that they’re learning English.



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