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Friday Night Clam Bake #20 Response


Hello! Thought responding to another blogger’s post might be a fun change of pace! Anyway you’ll get to learn more about me as I respond to Friday Night Clam Bake – #20: Philosophical Musings about Nudity and Unregulated Morality (

“For this week’s Bake, I’m shifting gears a bit and proffering up a round of questions for your consideration. What you choose to do with these queries is entirely up to you. You can answer some or all of them in the comments, you can create your own blog post out of the mess, or you can simply move on with your life, which is what most self-respecting folks will opt for, considering the tainted history of Bonnywood Manor. Here we go…”

1. Do you happily eat the licorice jellybeans, or do you hurl them aside in wretched disgust? I love licorice jelly beans. I actually have a package of them in my room right now.

2. If you had to choose a vegetable for the title of your autobiography, which one would it be? Sweet Corn, because I can be a golden delight with plenty to share once you peel apart the shell of a green husk. Sometimes, given the right amount of heat, I like to pop into people’s lives and surprise them  as well. Too much heat, I get burnt, dark, and smokey.

3. Whilst reading the last few pages of an engrossing novel where you still don’t know the answer to “the big question”, are you able to calmly do so, or do you have to fight to keep your eyes from flitting to the final paragraph prematurely? I have to fight to keep my eyes from flitting to the final paragraph. 

4. Can you remember the name of the first book you read that didn’t have any illustrations? Boys Against Girls by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

5. What literary character best represents the dreams that you are made of? Perhaps a combination of characters that were strong, intelligent, independent, resourceful, compassionate, fighter, represent huge political and social change in the world they’re in. Even though most of the characters describe their abilities like a curse, I wondered what it’d be like have special powers like clairvoyance, ESP, or photographic memory. (ie- Artemis from Greek mythology, Thayet of Conte, Gaia Moore, Alanna of Tortall, Cam Jansen, Karen Connors, female warriors from greek mythology)

6. What was your favorite piece of clothing (or accessory) that you wore in high school? Did you steal said item? I had green, white, and yellow sweatshirt with the words BONJOUR that I wore often. It was my lucky shirt. I felt like it helped calm my nerves when I took a chemistry test or a physics test which I always aced. No, I did not steal this sweatshirt.

7. Do you know where your last high school yearbook is right at this moment? A bookshelf in the dining room of my parents house

8. Let’s assume that you have done something that you shouldn’t have. No one knows you have done it and no one ever will unless you say something. If you don’t confess, your innocent best friend is sentenced to a year in prison but then wins the lottery on the day of release from said prison and becomes a millionaire. (Friend never learns of your duplicity.) If you do confess, you get ten years in prison and no lottery win. Your choice?
I’d want to do the honorable thing and confess to any transgressions. Golly, I could probably write my masterpiece in prison that question 18 was talking about and be a legend. A lot of important works were created by influential people in prison: Oscar Wilde, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King, Paul (Christian theologian), Marquis de Sade, Thomas Paine, Daniel Defoe, Miguel De Cervantes, Nelson Mandela. I’m debating what my friend would have wanted though. She might have wanted the million dollars to jump start her fashion business. 

9. Do you have anything in your home that actually belongs to a former employer? A black leather case with a directory of business contact information.

10. Did you ever have to finally decide? (You knew I would throw in a song reference at some point.) Pass, I’m not sure what song this is referring to

11. Name the first song that comes to mind where you know every single word of the lyrics. Avril Lavigne’s song “Skater Boi”

12. Can you remember the name of everyone who has ever seen you naked as an adult? We’ll toss aside professional/medical experiences, as we’ve all had to throw our legs wide in clinical situations, but this one becomes harder to answer in the affirmative the more you think about it. Yes

13. Through some bit of circumstance, you suddenly find yourself on a nude beach. Which of the following would be your reaction: A) Run screaming in abject horror. B) Hang around a bit to see what’s what whilst remaining chastely covered. C) When in Rome… D) Wave to all of your friends because everybody knows your name.
B) Hang around a bit to see what’s what’s what whilst remaining chastely covered

14. Given the magical chance to start your life over at a certain point, would you rather go back to your high-school graduation, knowing everything that you know now, or go back ten years, knowing only what you knew then? I’d go back to high school graduation, knowing everything I know now.

15. You discover that a life-changing sum of money has been mysteriously deposited in your checking account. Upon speaking with a banking representative, you learn that the source wishes to remain anonymous and you will have to reimburse the donor if the name is ever revealed. Do you keep the money? I don’t think that’s a good idea. I just don’t know who’s it from. What if a criminal was using my checking account to hide their misdeeds? Knowing that there’s a slight possibility, I would feel guilty if some guy from an Enron-like scam dropped in the contents of other people’s 401Ks accounts into my accounts. 

16. Would you rather watch admittedly crappy movies with your loved ones in a living room, where it is guaranteed that the miscreants will constantly interrupt the viewing, or peruse cinematic masterpieces by yourself with no interference? Peruse cinematic masterpieces by myself with no interference.

17. Name the movie title that best encapsulates a poor decision in your life. “Rush Hour” If only if I taken more time to think more deeply about the possible consequences of this decision.

18. Would you rather write a single book that is hailed as a masterpiece long after you are gone or multiple critically-panned bestsellers whilst you are still on this plane? I would want a masterpiece, a one-hit wonder of literature that would totally change people’s lives.

19. Do you secretly write poetry that you have never shared? Yes

20. Do you regret things that you never dared? Of course

21. Is there anyone who knows every single thing about you? Do you? No and No




Hello everyone! I'm a technical writer by day, creative writer by night. I have a wild imagination yearning for more in life. I'm fascinated by many subjects that have developed into a sort of mental and physical wanderlust that ultimately leads me to experience a variety of cultural shocks. Welcome to my journey and looking forward to reading your blogs!

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