Temple Cleanup

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Dream: Volunteer Director, Amelia, from the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center expressed her appreciation as I participated in the annual city’s clean up day. I was assigned to a local Theravada Buddhist temple who needed help cleaning up some rooms. I told her that I’ll do my best. She gave me a tender look, “I expect nothing less from you”.

When I arrived at the temple, I was in awe of the splendor of the buildings, the gardens, and the koi fish-filled fountains. Monks clad in orange civaras scurried about the courtyard alongside the central peace garden carrying plants and food back and forth. One monk took notice of me and looked relieved, “Hello Sa! You’re here!” He immediately gave me a heavy duty industrial broom and walked me over to the prayer room. We arrived at two large ornate doors, and I felt a little concerned when he said two foreboding words with a gentle smile, “GOOD LUCK!”

I pushed the heavy doors open, and entered a large open space with deep plush red carpet. There was an open balcony in front of me supported by navy and gold columns. Golden wooden planks graced the ceiling. I noticed some adorable children playing with some toys and coloring in some books. Taking three deep breaths, I gave myself a short pep talk, “Okay, I can handle this. They are not the opposition here.”

At that precise moment, they suddenly start charging at me as if they were football players going in for their prize, and tearing their coloring books into the air leaving me with a mountain of a mess. Like a linebacker, I blasted through and held my ground before I got trampled. I never thought I would appreciate the tips I received from my quarterback friend back in high school as much as I did now. “I thought this was a prayer room, not a recreation center!!!”

Yes, adorable athletic little gremlins.  For as much as I enjoyed babysitting children in the past, the accumulative conniption resulting from unfocused excess energy taught me two important lessons. 

  1. Teach your kids how to pray, how to meditate, and the importance of being still. If they are still slow to learn how to do this, then…..
  2. Enroll them in a martial arts/dance/sports class that will leave them tired by the end of the day.

After I finished sweeping, I decide to linger in the room to give myself a short break before calling it a day. A news reporter was tracking the progress of all the city’s clean up sites and stopped by the prayer room. She decided to connect with me after took the and interviewed me on the spot. 

Nothing can compare to the satisfaction felt during a Daily Word Prompt Mega Challenge.

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Splendor

In response to the Daily Word Prompt: Linger

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Expect

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Conniption

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Adorable

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Connect

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Opposition

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Appreciation

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Alongside

In response to Daily Word Prompt: Industrial

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