Network Attack

person holding red and black snake
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Dream: I was a young girl with a lot of powers, but one particular power was shown today. I had the ability to take people’s suffering away. There was a young boy who looked like went to attended private school. His uniform was a white button down shirt with navy shorts. He sat on a piano bench in the dining room of my parents’ house. 

He looked like he was constantly getting electrocuted by some free standing pink network cables. It would float outside of this small green enclosure and uncoil itself to the beat of a song that plays in the background. It responds as if it is like a snake being charmed out of its basket by the charmer’s flute. One day, the pink cables were about to attack the young boy in front of his classmates, until I took the hit instead. I was electrocuted and woke up in the middle of a city I do not recognize. I’m having trouble finding a parking spot downtown.

I’ve been busy studying for my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching exam and it’s finally appeared in my dreams. It’s been a real interesting experience so far studying with one of my friends. I’ve been working on some hands-on packet tracers to help me understand the concepts better, but I need more practice. Perhaps, I’ll “charm” the network cables to do what I want them to. I can’t wait to take the test at the end of the year.

In response to daily word prompt: Enclosure

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