I love listening to instrumental music by Alexis Ffrench, Ludovico Einaudi, or Yann Tiersen which helps me dissolve any stress, anxiety, anger, depression, or sadness. It’s remarkable how negative emotions wash away as I hear the beautiful tunes. The melodies help me focus on positive emotions, my purpose, and my goals.

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Acclimatization. So relevant to title of my blog: “Culture Shocks”!

Moving to a new city was exciting and scary at the same time. Between the transition from one city to another, I always wonder if I made the right choice. Why change something if it’s already good, right? I was comfortable, sure, but did I feel like I was growing from my experience of staying in one spot? I didn’t want to stay in a rut.

So thus begins my road trip to my new home. My parents and siblings wish me farewell on my journey. I remember driving the large U-haul trailer on the highway with my roommates. The roads were slick from the rain pounding down on us. The five hours dragged on as I carefully drove. My mind reeling with all sorts of thoughts.

I pondered on a lot of things: New job. New friends. New school. New culture. New room. New books. How will I ever acclimate to this stressful circumstance?

I start with baby steps of course.

I applied for a new job using the wi-fi network from the local Mc Donalds down the street. Two weeks later after my interview, I got a call from personnel office saying they want me to start working. I was so relieved, grateful, and excited to begin working.

I didn’t expect a lot of things afterwards.

Boy, it was rough on my first week there. I was unaccustomed to all of the white noise of the retail environment. People bustling about. Parents attempting to calm their screaming children. Customers yelling at me that I wasn’t doing my job correctly. Some of them attempted to trick me because I was new. My coworkers had such colorful, distinct personalities, and a sense of humor that I struggled to understand at first.

I was in shock from the overload of new diverse information.

I cried in the break room one day after one particular stressful situation occurred. My supervisor from personnel office stopped by and saw me. She invited me to her office. She really wanted me to stop crying, so she told me a story. When she was a young lady around my age, she took on a part time job. One day her boss told her to move all of the heavy wooden pallets by hand by herself to another location. She really disliked the guy. Most of her coworkers were tall, strong males. Why didn’t her boss ask some of these guys for the task? She pushed through it and became stronger over a period of time.

3 years later, I pushed through it and encountered a huge array of problems along the way. I learned valuable problem solving skills and lessons in conflict management. Serving each customer became an art to learn. Everyone had such different needs. Everyday, I became better at anticipating what they needed from me and the store. I learned a variety of shortcuts to make my life, my boss’s life, and my customers’ lives much easier.

A few days ago, I was hanging out at this beautiful mall besides the Riverwalk (in the picture).  My boyfriend talked to me about a particular design on a t- shirt as I was walking by. Marilyn Monroe was looking like something from the Day of the Dead. Black and white, Marilyn looked like she had several stitches and a black eye of sorts.

My jaw dropped at this particular interpretation, and all of the sudden my expression is pensive. My reaction was apparently priceless according to my boyfriend. Another story for another day.

Acclimatization indeed!

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